Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.0 was just released and this will resolve a lot of confusion people have been having the past few years and I’ll explain why.

Spectrum Labs the creators of Quick Fix Urine had two types of synthetic urine, Quick Fix 5.7-1 and Canadian Quick Fix Urine. Why the difference? Urine testing labs in Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Colorado, West Virginia, and Canada tested for the presence of uric acid also known as urea and Quick Fix Urine did not have uric acid mixed in. To correct this issue, Spectrum Labs created the Canadian Version that had a small vial of uric acid that people had to mix in their quick fix urine before they used it. This caused problems for people who got the wrong version of Quick Fix Urine and test came back invalid because of lack of urea.

Most people wondered why Spectrum didn’t just make a Quick Fix Urine with uric acid, but most didn’t understand it was not that easy to create. When uric acid was added to quick fix the shelf life went from two years to a few weeks. Spectrum tried for years and to create pre-mixed synthetic urine with a mixed in uric acid, but could not maintain the two year shelf life.  It was not till the Quick Fix Urine 6.0 formula that Spectrum Labs discovered how to mix in uric acid and have a product with a two year shelf life.

The means no more Canadian Quick Fix Urine, Spectrum Labs has created a Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.0 that now works in Canada, all 50 states, and is completely undetectable.


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