Drug Testing Industry Question #3

Are drug test really accurate?

Our on-site (rapid read, quick scan, dip card, test strips, test kits. Whatever you want to call it) drug screens are prone to false positives for substances like ibuprofen, poppy seeds, over the counter medications, and much more.

If your sample passes the drug screen, you’re given a pass status. Though if you sample fails the screen your urine will be tested with the GC/MS.  Gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) is performed on all urine samples that tested positive for drug usage. A GC/MS is a very accurate piece of equipment; it measures molecular size, charge, and the weight of the atoms in the drug metabolites. Because the GC/MS is very accurate, it call tell the difference between ibuprofen, poppy seeds, over the counter medications that could have caused false positives.

Word of advice, don’t fail the drug screen, because the GC/MS will discover the truth.


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