Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review

Clear Choice the makers of Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine is one of the oldest and reliable synthetic urine manufactures in the USA that’s been in business since 2003. Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine comes 100% toxin free, works for all test, works for males and females, balanced pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, few other urine characteristics.

What makes this patented synthetic urine unique is its patented heat activator. All synthetic urines on the market today use hand warmers to keep the synthetic urine at body temperature, but the sub-solution urine raises to correct temperature within seconds and maintains that temperature for 30 minutes when you mix in the optional hear activator. If you choose to not use the mix in hear activator, you’ll need to use the hand warmer.

15 thoughts on “Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review”

  1. Will sub solution pass EMIT and GC/MS tests? I seen on a site claiming it foams and smells like real urine. In my experience there was foam, but it did not smell of urine.

  2. I reason another site that they updated the review a few months ago to no longer recommend Sub Solution due to laboratory changes. Do you know anything about that? I need to pass a drug test in a week and I’m fat so detoxing won’t work for me.

    1. I saw that article too and I can say that review is fake, the product continues to work with no issues. That article is written to direct you to one site to buy a competing product. If you look at the links it’s an affiliate link, which means if you by from that site the writer of that article makes a commission from the sale. They also even admit it in their affiliate disclaimer, “We are a review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.”

      1. Well done insider. I too saw the same post and wondered the same thing. There are a lot of fake ads out there. I am starting to recognize them. Thanks for validating!!

  3. So this was my second time having to use sub solution and again it was a total success. I took my test on Mar 4, 2017, used the heating powder and once again passed the Quest Diagnostics test with flying colors. I saw that website stating they cannot confidently suggest sub solution well that’s false, it works perfectly. If you need to pass a test, this is the stuff to gef

    1. Got sub solution in the mail last week… i was told this is the best of the best and now i feel more comfortable about it after reading this for any upcoming test i may need it for…I got some heating pads just in case.. was kinda skeptical about the heating solution, thought it would mess up the urine…

  4. I had to take a drug test due to a work accident. I used the clear choice sub solution I bought in late August. I am freaking out because it was a different place than I usually have to go to. This place labeled, bagged it up and sent it off to a company called Clinical Reference Laboratory. When the original just did the test stick in a cup method. I passed the temperature test but won’t hear back for a few days about the drug test. They are doing a 5 panel test. Should I be worried? Or am I freaking out for nothing? Just looking for some piece of mind. I’m worried about the lab knowing that it is synthetic urine. Please help. This seems like the most legitimate review site I have been able to find that isn’t trying to advertise and sell the product. Please help, thanks.

      1. JD

        I have been worried the last couple of days about if I passed or not but as of today I am sure everything went well. I took the test on Monday and they said it would be 2 to 3 business days. It is now Friday and I am still working and haven’t heard anything. Not hearing anything is a good sign in my opinion. If I end up hearing anything down the road I will update this but as far as I am concerned SubSolution is the only way to go if you are in a bind.

  5. I just bought sub solution yesterday and need to pass my drug urine screen March 1… as of 2018 will sub solution work?

      1. My dude 🙂

        I also came across that article that freaked out the other guy that said the product doesn’t work anymore “due to lab updates”

        While I have two sub solutions on the way so I can practice with one kit..

        Thanks haha

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