Joe Rogan points out the obvious. That our current marijuana laws are outdated and ridiculous.. Joe Rogan’s points out a simple an in-depth dissertation, just look at all of marijuana and hemp’s industrial enemies who are fighting to keep marijuana illegal? It’s pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, paper, and various other industries that stand to lose billions if marijuana is legalized. You can also add the Drug Testing Industry to that list too.

You may remember my post about the Massachusetts Lab Tech Arrested For Tampering With Drug Tests. As a result of that fiasco, 200 prisoners have been released.

Nearly 200 inmates have been released from prison and their cases put on hold after a chemist at a Massachusetts state drug testing lab was accused of faking results.

Public Safety Secretary Mary Beth Heffernan told lawmakers at a public hearing Wednesday that while investigators are looking at about 34,000 cases overall, 195 individuals have been released, including 79 in Boston.

soource: Mass. Lab Scandal: Nearly 200 prisoners released as result of allegedly faked drug test results

Thankfully the Massachusetts Attorney General office stopped dragging their feet and began conducting a criminal investigation into whether the problems at the lab went beyond Dookhan and her immediate supervisor.