Synthetic urine was primarily designed to be used by labs and universities for research, then it began to be used by drug testing laboratories for quality control preparations for calibration of machines and test for accuracy. Now synthetic urine is commercially sold and can be used for various purposes like passing a drug test, novelty item, or fetish fake urine.

The most asked question I receive is about which synthetic urine brand is the best? I won’t just choose one brand, there is several brands that are superior and I’m to show you various brands and why they are good.

When choosing a synthetic urine, you want to make sure it contains the following:

  • Balanced pH
  • Correct levels of Creatinine
  • Presence of Uric acid
  • Presence of Urea
  • Correct Specific gravity

It should not have any of the following:

This first group of synthetic urines I’ll be testing are Quick Fix Urine, Synthetix5, UPass, Agent X, Perfect Urine, Piss Perfect, and the Go Pack can be opened and reheated multiplies with no issues since they use a biocode or preservative.

This Second group like the Monkey Flask Urine, Xstream urine, Golden Flask, Whizzinator, smells like real urine and foams, but once open it needs to be used quickly since they don’t use a preservative and bacteria will begin to grow naturally like urine dos, they recommend use within 24-48 of opening.

Now if a urine sample provided for a urine test appears suspicious because of lack of  odor or foam, that isn’t enough evidence to reject the sample and is not scientific accurate.

Materials and Test Methods

To test the synthetic urines, I utilized these testing methods.

  1. All synthetic urines were analyzed in the Beckman Analyzer AU5800 to test for drug use.
  2. When meauring creatinine specimen is considered “dilute” if creatinine is between 2 mg/dL and 20 mg/dL .
  3. Specific gravity was measured with refractometer and should be between 1.0010 and 1.0030.
  4. Adulteration Strips were used to test for oxidant, nitrites, glutaraldehyde, pH, and chromate.

The Test Results

Name Creatinine
Quick Fix Urine32.41.00937.4Negative PASS
Synthetix5 Urine60.11.0115.4Negative PASS
UPass Urine93.21.0147.2Negative PASS
Agent X Urine92.61.0137.2Negative PASS
Perfect Urine50.41.0116.3Negative PASS
Go Pack Belt Urine48.51.0126.6Negative PASS
Monkey Flask Urine30.61.0018.1Negative PASS
Golden Flask Urine30.6 1.0018.2Negative PASS
Piss Perfect47.61.0116.9NegativePASS
Sub Solution Urine40.31.0127.4Negative PASS
Xstream Urine57.81.0096.8Negative PASS


Based on the results all of the synthetic urines about that I tested above I was not able to distinguish the synthetic urines above from authentic human urine. It was not surprising that these synthetic urines also passed when I tested with the adulteration strips when they are designed designed to detect fake pee from real human urine.