You would think when you go to to take a pre-employment drug test that that test is 100% accurate correct? Sadly this has never been the case, one thing I’ve been always talking about since the creations of this blog is the drug testing industries deep dark secret that drug test produce a false positive 5-10% of the time. Think about this for a minute, for every 100 people that go take a test, 5 to 10 of those people will fail for no fault of their own.

This video below sums of everything I’ve ever had to say on the topic too.

These cheap $2.00 field drug tests kits that produce false positives as much as 10% of the time are really starting to get costly for tax payers.

Court documents show the Pennsylvania State Police have paid $195,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a New York man who spent 29 days behind bars after troopers mistook homemade soap for cocaine.

Alexander Bernstein’s attorney, Joshua Karoly, tells The Morning Call ( ) his client also has settled claims against Safariland LLC, the company that produced the allegedly faulty drug test that troopers used during a November 2013 traffic stop. Details of that settlement weren’t available.

State police and Safariland didn’t return messages seeking comment Thursday.

Bernstein was a passenger in a Mercedes-Benz police pulled over for speeding near Allentown. Troopers smelled marijuana, searched the car and found packages the driver said was homemade soap, but tested as cocaine. Lab tests later showed it was soap.


No need to worry at Quest Diagnostics one employee was caught on hidden camera offering to falsify drug screening tests in exchange for $50 cash.

I’ll give you a good specimen. I’ll pee myself. Do it myself. I’m as clean as they come,” the Quest drug-sample technician said during a recorded sting


In an incredibly backwards display of irony, the union representing the Pittsburgh police has filed a most unusual lawsuit. A civil rights grievance has been filed against the city, claiming that officers being required to undergo mandatory drug testing is not only a violation of their contract, but of the Constitution as well.

Curiously enough, it appears that this unconstitutionality only applies to police officers, not to the public that they are meant to protect and serve. The officers’ argument is that a urine drug analysis constitutes an “illegal search and seizure,” and police would be forced to “forfeit their constitutional rights to protect the city from a civil liability.”

I recently received an email from someone asking this,

My grand mother recently passed away and I learned that my inheritance will be paid out to me over a ten year period. What caught me off guard was she was forcing me take a drug test in order to receive an inheritance. Can a dead family member force me to to take a drug test in order to receive access to my trust fund?

I’m not a lawyer, I’m just a lab tech, but I did some research and found yes your deceased grandmother can control you from the grave. Its amazing what a will can make people do in order to receive their inheritances.

So what does the law permit? Surprises, at times. Leona Helmsley, the widow of billionaire real-estate magnate Harry Helmsley, left a trust to care for her beloved dog, Trouble, after her death. Ms. Helmsley also required her grandchildren to visit their father’s grave once a year in order to receive payouts.

How to Control Your Heirs From the Grave []

Attorneys can now write unbreakable trust and inheritances for families members wanting to protect their beneficiaries from themselves so drug testing provisions are included in the family trust and inheritances.

Whatever our age, upbringing, education, or social status, many of us know and love someone who has been impacted by drug or alcohol addiction. Substance abuse affects not only the user but also his or her friends and family, who must decide if and how they can maintain a relationship with and support their loved one. In particular, estate planning for
individuals and families with a loved one who suffers from substance abuse involves a careful balancing act to support the basic needs of the beneficiary without becoming an enabler.
If you are considering leaving an inheritance to a loved one who has a drug or alcohol problem, you can provide support while protecting his or her inheritance through a Trust with a properly drafted drug testing provision.

With my Insiders 2013 Guide To Passing A Drug Test going viral, my discussion forum got to big for me to handle. Running the forum was starting to consume large amounts of my time daily with reading new threads, answering questions, removing spam, and moderating the forum. Because of all this, I decided to close me forum when the people over at made an offer for me to team up with them in running the largest online drug testing forum to assist people who have drug testing questions.

I will be a moderator on that forum under the user name “insider” answering questions.