I’m pleased to announce I got to review the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation before it’s official release!  I contacted the people over at quickfixurine.com years ago to ask about the 6.1 formulation and they were nice of enough to get me a sneak peak of that product, this time they sent me the new Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation for review.

Spectrum Labs is always trying to be cutting edge with maintaining the best synthetic urine available on the market while maintaining the most superior formulation.

When the package arrived I excited to be the first to test this product outside spectrum labs. When opening the box I was surprised to see a new slick box design which was much different from the original box we’ve all come to know over the years.

I arrived at the lab the next day early as possible before any of my colleagues would be there to secretly test the new formulation. I tested various 8 panel, 10 panel, and 15 panel test strips and they all passed with no issues. To test for tampering I did specimen validity testing (SVT) which tested the levels of nitrates, pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, uric acid, and more.. All the test came back spot on, I had no results for a adulterated specimen, invalid results, dilute specimen, or substituted.

For the final test I ran the sample though the GC/MS, results showed negative for any drug metabolites being present.

I can say with 100% confidence that the new Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation passed our urine test used by testing labs in the United States.

One thing they wanted to make clear to me was the 6.1 formulation is still a good and current, so don’t freak out if you have it, just test it on their batch validator to make sure you batch is still good for use.

Please be careful where you buy your Quick Fix Urine from too. Spectrum Labs has been reporting the following,

Quick Fix Synthetic Urines are being sold on EBay, Amazon and discount websites for up to 75% off of the retail cost. It has been discovered, these products were bought at various liquidation sales and are expired. The EBay auctions and discount websites are claiming their product is authentic and legitimate, but people are finding out this is not the case. Various people are reporting they’ve received a completely different products altogether.

Best advice is to stay with the official distributors at quickfixurine.com, quickfixurineplus.com, quickfixfakepee.com, urineluck.com to avoid any issues.

What is the Urinator?

The Urinator is probably the oldest know urine delivery device on the market, for over 20 years this product has been the most trusted electronic urine testing device from the makers at IRT. The Urinator has been defined as “The Ultimate” and is definitely considered the #1 Testing device in the entire world for protecting against genetic discrimination.

The Urinator is a one of a kind because no other product on the market can work at it’s level. Unlike other products that use hand warmers to maintain the temperature, the urinator has a built in heating system that actually maintains the synthetic urine at body correct body temperature. Why doesn’t it use hand warmers? Hand Warmers are not consistent when it comes to keeping temperature.

What is Genetic Discrimination?

In 2008, a federal law called the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) was passed, outlawing genetic discrimination related to employment or health insurance.  Genetic discrimination is actually a serious issues, though not much media attention is paid to it, various law suits are happening all over the USA against companies and school for discriminating against people for their genetic makeup. Colman Chadam for example has been allowed to return to his middle school after officials tried to ordered him to transfer out because of his genetic makeup.

How does the Urinator work?

It’s very simple to use, prepare the synthetic urine and inject it into the hold bag using the included liquid syringe, It’s suggest you have you synthetic urine warm before injecting it into the urinator to save battery life. Once that is done you’ll need two Duracell 9 volt Batteries to power the urinator.

Once the batteries are connected the built in temperature gauge in the urine pouch monitors the temperature to keep it at 98.6 degrees, if the temperature drop below that, then the heat pad on the bag turns on and warms the urine to correct temperature. With one set of Duracell 9 volt Batteries the urinator can maintain body temperature for minimum of four hours.

Urinator Demonstration Video

Clear Choice the makers of Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine is one of the oldest and reliable synthetic urine manufactures in the USA that’s been in business since 2003. Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine comes 100% toxin free, works for all test, works for males and females, balanced pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, few other urine characteristics.

What makes this patented synthetic urine unique is its patented heat activator. All synthetic urines on the market today use hand warmers to keep the synthetic urine at body temperature, but the sub-solution urine raises to correct temperature within seconds and maintains that temperature for 30 minutes when you mix in the optional hear activator. If you choose to not use the mix in hear activator, you’ll need to use the hand warmer.

I don’t usually review two products at the same time, but it turns out the Golden Flask Synthetic Urine and Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine are the exact same product from the makers of the Whizzinator. Why the difference? Turns out the Monkey Flask Urine is owned by a company called Serious Monkey Business who just private labels all their products from Alternative Lifestyle Systems who makes the Whizzinator. That means these two products are identical, only difference is just the box. If you look at any Serious Monkey Business products you’ll find they’re all Alternative Lifestyle Systems products, but just a Serious Monkey Business box.

As a synthetic urine, this is a good product, The results came back for balanced pH, specific gravity, creatinine, uric acid, urea, amino acids, protein, few other urine characteristics, smells like urine and foams when shaken up. The one thing that sets this product apart from its competitors is it’s a four ounce synthetic urine while most other products are usually 3 ounces and the bottle is actually shaped like a flask.

The only downside is unlike quick fix urine that can be reheated unlimited times before use, these products are a single use only, meaning once opened they need to be used in a few weeks or bacteria can begin growing in the bottle.




The Whizzinator was made famous by celebrities like  Ontario Smith, Mike Tyson, and Tom Sizemore. What is the Whizzinator? It’s a realistic looking prosthetic fake penis that has a very quite flow system that can be operated with one hand to release synthetic urine. Ladies you’re not left out, check out the WizClear which is a popular device used by females.

The device has greatly improved over the years, the Whizzinator is 100% free of any metals, can be operated silently with one hand when you need to release the urine by squeezing the tip of the prosthetic fake penis, comes in multiple colors, and can fit anyone with a 54 inch waist. This is the perfect wet sex toy to simulate real human urination.

This demonstration video shows your perfectly how to fill the Whizzinator, put it on, and how to operate it.