1. Drinking to much water to dilute the urine sample.

– People think that by consuming an excessive amount of water they can flush their system out. Though this is a red flag for us, and the industry has term we use on our paperwork for this called, “diluted”. Diluted means that your urine was not yellow enough and that levels of natural chemicals that are found in urine are to low.  What does a diluted mean? That means a MRO (Medical Review Officer) will call you up and tell you your urine sample was diluted and you have to retake the test. They will also tell you to stop consuming water at 10:00pm the night before the test. If you have a  second “diluted” your employer  usually will terminate you.

2. Use a friends urine for your test.

– If you friends urine is not at body temperature when you hand over the collection cup you just failed the test, its not possible for your urine that supposedly just came from your body not to be at correct temperature.

– That was your friends urine that came back positive for cocaine? You would be surprised at how many times people tell our MRO’s that they substituted their friends urine for their sample. Plus they just admitted that they attempted to cheat on the test.  They always forget the, “All calls are being recorded for quality service.” message when they call in. Your friend just got you terminated, next time use a synthetic urine.

3. Sweating, nervous, uncomfortable, and freaking out during the drug test.

– Our testing centers employees are trained to watch for people who are sweating, nervous, or uncomfortable. If exhibit any of these signs, the staff are going to make you wait an extra 20-40 minutes before you take that test. They are do this because just in case you might have something foreign on you. If you have someone else urine on you, the urine will cool down and not be at correct temperature. If the the sample is at correct temperature and you are still showing suspicious signs, that agreement you signed for the test allows for someone of the same sex to check you  for something you should not have. Calm down and relax.

4. Not knowing how to use their synthetic urine or drug concealment product correctly.

– We’ve have people come in with the urinator and the whizzinator on, we don’t watch you fill the collection cup, we just allow you to go into a small bathroom with the collection cup. We get people who use these products wrong and spill synthetic urine all over their pants and body.

– We get people who make to much noise,  When our staff hear unfamiliar squeaks or clicks, they know something is wrong, and they’ll refuse the sample. Practice using these products and you’ll no problems.

5. Shaving you head before a hair test.

– We only do a few hair test, but we always run into people who shave their heads before a hair test. If someone comes in with a freshly shaved head we’ll contact the employer who makes the decision on what to do, most employers consider this a refusal to take test. Our testing protocols say collect the hair samples from the head, but if they have a freshly shaved head and your employer allows us, we’ll just collect some hair from your arm,legs, beards. Don’t shave your head..

6. Using Cheap/Counterfeit Detox Drink, Pills, and Synthetic Urine.

– Many people use Detox Drinks and Pills to flush their systems before a urine test, but a few overnight companies have sprung up and started to produce cheap and counterfeit detoxification products that don’t do what they advertise and leave you will a dirty urine sample.

–  Synthetic urine is developed to have all the ingredients of natural urine so that you’ll have a nice drug free urine sample. Our lab technicians have got their hands on some cheap and counterfeit synthetic urine being sold on the internet. They tested theses products by doing some specimen validity testing (SVT ) and they came back with some red flags.

– Here is some advice to follow:

  • If is cheaper then most products on the market don’t buy it.
  • If the site doesn’t list a phone number or business address, don’t buy from them.
  • If you are unsure about anything, don’t buy it.
  • Stick with well known products and companies that back their products.


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