First Official Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Plus 6.2 Formulation Review!

I’m pleased to announce I got to review the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation before it’s official release!  I contacted the people over at years ago to ask about the 6.1 formulation and they were nice of enough to get me a sneak peak of that product, this time they sent me the new Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation for review.

Spectrum Labs is always trying to be cutting edge with maintaining the best synthetic urine available on the market while maintaining the most superior formulation.

When the package arrived I excited to be the first to test this product outside spectrum labs. When opening the box I was surprised to see a new slick box design which was much different from the original box we’ve all come to know over the years.

I arrived at the lab the next day early as possible before any of my colleagues would be there to secretly test the new formulation. I tested various 8 panel, 10 panel, and 15 panel test strips and they all passed with no issues. To test for tampering I did specimen validity testing (SVT) which tested the levels of nitrates, pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, uric acid, and more.. All the test came back spot on, I had no results for a adulterated specimen, invalid results, dilute specimen, or substituted.

For the final test I ran the sample though the GC/MS, results showed negative for any drug metabolites being present.

I can say with 100% confidence that the new Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation passed our urine test used by testing labs in the United States.

One thing they wanted to make clear to me was the 6.1 formulation is still a good and current, so don’t freak out if you have it, just test it on their batch validator to make sure you batch is still good for use.

Please be careful where you buy your Quick Fix Urine from too. Spectrum Labs has been reporting the following,

Quick Fix Synthetic Urines are being sold on EBay, Amazon and discount websites for up to 75% off of the retail cost. It has been discovered, these products were bought at various liquidation sales and are expired. The EBay auctions and discount websites are claiming their product is authentic and legitimate, but people are finding out this is not the case. Various people are reporting they’ve received a completely different products altogether.

Best advice is to stay with the official distributors at,,, to avoid any issues.

15 thoughts on “First Official Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Plus 6.2 Formulation Review!”

  1. So the new quickfix plus 6.2 has NO problems passing nitrates test correct?? Won’t show up abnormal like UTI or high bacteria? Thank you for your time!

      1. This is absolutely false.
        I used the new formula today and was immediately asked if I had a UTI due ro high nitrates.

        1. Sorry, but that was cheap test strips they used. Facilities in an attempt to cut cost are importing the cheapest test strips they can find from China, which have huge false positives. There is zero quality control in this industry.

  2. This stuff works in high grade labs was not a job on the line but my freedom trust me there’s nothing else I would attempt to use

  3. I almost shit my pants using this. Getting it at the right temperature, hiding the bottle, and waiting for the results was insanely stressful. That being said, Quick Fix 6.2 WORKS!!! I passed a test at Lab Corp that I did know was coming until 72 hours ahead of time. Getting someone else who’s clean pee might be the better move in terms of stress, but I personally am not close enough with anyone who does not smoke to feel comfortable asking for a bag of their urine. It passed the test within 48 hours. Check the batch number to make sure it’s good before you use it. Also, you’re better off getting it too hot than not hot enough, it will cool off while it’s hidden and when you open the bottle you will lose a degree or two. Get it to 100 degrees before you strap the heat pack on and expect to lose a few degrees between leaving your car and taking the test.

  4. I’m freaking out. I bought the quick fix plus test kit that comes with synthetic urine. Does anyone know if the urine in this kit is the same as 6.2 or 6.1? Did I buy the wrong thing?

  5. Have you heard anything about labs testing for the biocide preservative used in Quick Fix?

    I have heard that Sub Solution does not contain a biocide but Quick Fix does. Can you comment on biocide? It seems to be the newest “trick” people are worried about.

    1. False information being spread between synthetic urine competitors, if you look at those sites saying that information, you’ll notice they’re affiliates pushing another brand in return for a commission of the sale.. Labs do not test for biocide.

  6. I just used Quick Fix 6.2 today and passed with no problems. I was able to keep it nice and warm in my bra thanks to having large breasts, and it was not noticeable at all. I warmed it at home to right at 100 degrees and it was maybe 45 minutes later I was in the room to do the test. Took it out of my bra and it was hotter than 100 degrees, a hot day and stress will make anyone have hot boobs right?? I immediately took the hand warmer off the bottle, shook it real good, and it immediately cooled down to 98. The test was an instant one, the lady went in read the results said we are good, and had me dump the pee and throw the cup out, which had none of my identifying info on it. Pretty laxed drug test but the cup was legit with 10 or so drugs they test for. This was for pre-employment through Express Employment. I had used friends urine in the past and had stored in in my bra those times however with pot being legal in Oregon now, I have no friends who don’t smoke so I was in a bad situation this time. After reading so many reviews, another page on this site has nearly 200 comments about QF, I knew this was the better option over trying my luck with a detox drink. I am SOOOOO happy I bought the QF. Thank you everyone who posts their outcomes, it really helped put me at ease. I even managed to get through the paper work before the test without being super nervous.

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