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A Denver woman microwaving her synthetic urine at a 7-Eleven store and forgot one golden rule when heating up your bottle, remove the lid before you heat up your bottle in the microwave. Why is this important? If you don’ t remove the lid the pressure will build up in the bottle causing it to explode.

A Denver woman is in some hot water after Aurora Police said she used a 7-Eleven microwave to warm up a substance that appeared to be urine, causing the liquid to explode and damage the appliance.

The clerk said she saw Sanchez take a white plastic bottle out of the microwave after hearing a bang. The clerk said Sanchez then walked out the door. The clerk confronted Sanchez and threatened to call the police if she didn’t clean up the mess.

Aurora Police said Sanchez told them the substance was not real urine, and she didn’t understand why police were called. The officer said she “scoffed” at him when he told her the $500 microwave was likely damaged.

source: http://www.koaa.com/story/38117905/denver-woman-suspected-of-causing-urine-like-substance-to-explode-in-7-eleven-microwave



You would think when you go to to take a pre-employment drug test that that test is 100% accurate correct? Sadly this has never been the case, one thing I’ve been always talking about since the creations of this blog is the drug testing industries deep dark secret that drug test produce a false positive 5-10% of the time. Think about this for a minute, for every 100 people that go take a test, 5 to 10 of those people will fail for no fault of their own.

This video below sums of everything I’ve ever had to say on the topic too.

I’m pleased to announce I got to review the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation before it’s official release!  I contacted the people over at quickfixurine.com years ago to ask about the 6.1 formulation and they were nice of enough to get me a sneak peak of that product, this time they sent me the new Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation for review.

Spectrum Labs is always trying to be cutting edge with maintaining the best synthetic urine available on the market while maintaining the most superior formulation.

When the package arrived I excited to be the first to test this product outside spectrum labs. When opening the box I was surprised to see a new slick box design which was much different from the original box we’ve all come to know over the years.

I arrived at the lab the next day early as possible before any of my colleagues would be there to secretly test the new formulation. I tested various 8 panel, 10 panel, and 15 panel test strips and they all passed with no issues. To test for tampering I did specimen validity testing (SVT) which tested the levels of nitrates, pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, uric acid, and more.. All the test came back spot on, I had no results for a adulterated specimen, invalid results, dilute specimen, or substituted.

For the final test I ran the sample though the GC/MS, results showed negative for any drug metabolites being present.

I can say with 100% confidence that the new Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 formulation passed our urine test used by testing labs in the United States.

One thing they wanted to make clear to me was the 6.1 formulation is still a good and current, so don’t freak out if you have it, just test it on their batch validator to make sure you batch is still good for use.

Please be careful where you buy your Quick Fix Urine from too. Spectrum Labs has been reporting the following,

Quick Fix Synthetic Urines are being sold on EBay, Amazon and discount websites for up to 75% off of the retail cost. It has been discovered, these products were bought at various liquidation sales and are expired. The EBay auctions and discount websites are claiming their product is authentic and legitimate, but people are finding out this is not the case. Various people are reporting they’ve received a completely different products altogether.

Best advice is to stay with the official distributors at quickfixurine.com, quickfixurineplus.com, quickfixfakepee.com, urineluck.com to avoid any issues.

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I wrote years ago that CEO’s, Business Executives and NFL team owners are the biggest abuser of welfare and tax cuts.

Wisconsin Congresswoman is asking: Shouldn’t the wealthy have to prove their worth for all the government benefits they receive, too?

If they want to make sure welfare funds are not wasted, then corporations and banks who need access to corporate welfare should have the CEO’s and Executives line up with a collection cup and each give a urine sample. Finally people are taking notice now.

Wealthy Americans may not be getting housing vouchers, but they are getting tax deductions, which come when people itemize their taxes rather than take the standard deduction. Itemizing taxes isn’t worth it unless you’ve spent more on tax-deductible items (including mortgage interest, charitable giving, and also the odd luxury item, such as a yacht) than the standard deduction, which was $12,600 this year for a married household filing jointly. According to one report, more than 95 percent of tax filers making over $200,000 itemized their deductions in 2011, compared to just 13 percent of those with incomes of $50,000 or less.

source: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/06/drug-tests-for-the-1-percent/487649/

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Finally major police departments are taking note that these cheap field kids produce false negatives that lead to wrongful convictions, what even worse is the state labs didn’t even validate this fields kits results most of the time and people were forced into wrongful convictions.

The Houston Police Department has ended its longstanding practice of using $2 chemical kits to make drugs arrests, a policy that had contributed to hundreds of wrongful convictions in recent years.

The hundreds of wrongful convictions, reported on by ProPublica and the New York Times last July, had moved then-Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson to require that any positive field test be confirmed in the crime lab before a guilty plea could be won. ProPublica, in a subsequent article on the field tests used to identify fentanyl, had highlighted the threat to police officers.

source: https://www.propublica.org/article/houston-police-end-drug-tests-that-helped-produce-wrongful-convictions

What is the Urinator?

The Urinator is probably the oldest know urine delivery device on the market, for over 20 years this product has been the most trusted electronic urine testing device from the makers at IRT. The Urinator has been defined as “The Ultimate” and is definitely considered the #1 Testing device in the entire world for protecting against genetic discrimination.

The Urinator is a one of a kind because no other product on the market can work at it’s level. Unlike other products that use hand warmers to maintain the temperature, the urinator has a built in heating system that actually maintains the synthetic urine at body correct body temperature. Why doesn’t it use hand warmers? Hand Warmers are not consistent when it comes to keeping temperature.

What is Genetic Discrimination?

In 2008, a federal law called the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) was passed, outlawing genetic discrimination related to employment or health insurance.  Genetic discrimination is actually a serious issues, though not much media attention is paid to it, various law suits are happening all over the USA against companies and school for discriminating against people for their genetic makeup. Colman Chadam for example has been allowed to return to his middle school after officials tried to ordered him to transfer out because of his genetic makeup.

How does the Urinator work?

It’s very simple to use, prepare the synthetic urine and inject it into the hold bag using the included liquid syringe, It’s suggest you have you synthetic urine warm before injecting it into the urinator to save battery life. Once that is done you’ll need two Duracell 9 volt Batteries to power the urinator.

Once the batteries are connected the built in temperature gauge in the urine pouch monitors the temperature to keep it at 98.6 degrees, if the temperature drop below that, then the heat pad on the bag turns on and warms the urine to correct temperature. With one set of Duracell 9 volt Batteries the urinator can maintain body temperature for minimum of four hours.

Urinator Demonstration Video

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Cannabis (which can be detected by tests) can stay in your system anywhere from two weeks to several months depending on the user. For occasional smokers, THC is only in your system roughly 2-3 days before being metabolized by your body, however many factors are in play here:
How occasionally a person smokes, how much body fat they have, how often they drink liquids, their diet, how often they exercise and so on. Getting an exact time frame is quite challenging as literally every parson’s body processes cannabis differently, which means that testing technologies always produce alternating results.
Data collected on cannabis and its process in the body from the past three decades provides estimates on roughly how long it stays in your body;

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

One rule to remember is that the more cannabis you consume the longer it takes your body to process it and excrete it. Luckily, occasional smokers who find themselves smoking a joint once or twice a month don’ have to worry about THC and other cannabis compounds sticking around in their system for long.
Most estimates and studies suggest that it takes roughly 72 hours – three days for cannabis to be cleared from your system when it comes to urine test. However, heavy smokers who smoke more than 4 times a week for an extended period of time need much more time for their body to break down cannabis compounds and excrete them.

Research from drug courts dating back to 2005 suggests that it takes 7-10 days for cannabis to be completely cleared of the system for a majority of cannabis users. When it comes to heavier consumers however, the research suggests that it takes them roughly 3 weeks -21 days to be cleared of all traces of cannabis in their system:
Recent scientific literature indicates that it is uncommon for occasional marijuana smokers to test positive for cannabinoids in urine for longer than seven days using standard cutoff concentrations.” Suggest the notes from the 2005 research.

Following smoking cessation, chronic smokers would not be expected to remain positive for longer than 21 days, even when using the 20-ng/mL cannabinoid cutoff.” – Concludes the research.

This 1985 study argues that occasional smokers will likely pass a drug test within 3-4 days after smoking. Older, more outdated studies based in the mid 80s suggest that chronic smokers can test positive for cannabis up to 77 days after smoking through a urine test. The average amount of time that THC stayed in a participant’s system for this study was 27 days.
A later study published in 1989 found that it took up to 25 days for cannabis to clear the system of 13 participants who were all heavy smokers.

With all the studies’ findings taken into account, the typical number of days it takes cannabis to clear the system of heavy smokers is about 30 days – one month. It’s very rare for samples derived from heavy smokers to test positive via urine tests after 30 days.
So when you take into account all these findings, it’s safe to assume that most cannabis smokers can expect to pass a urine test after 3-5 weeks of cannabis abstinence.

Keep in Mind..

Since every person’s body processes cannabis at their own individual pace, (depending on metabolism and lifestyle) it’s still possible for moderate consumers to fail a urine test regardless if they’ve abstained from cannabis a few weeks prior to the test or not.

This possibility also relies on the type of test used to check for the THC and THC metabolites – the urine test is the most common drug test in the US, checking for THC metabolites that your body has secreted in its urine.

Urine tests do not measure the presence of THC itself, rather the by product of metabolized THC – THC metabolites. Keep in mind that there are different types of urine tests available, and whoever ordered the test (most likely a current or potential future employer) will be able to establish the acceptable threshold of the concentrations of THC metabolites in your urine.

For example, your urine sample may initially test positive for a common THC metabolite known as THC-COOH. Afterwards, lab technicians will test to see how much of it is in your urine – if the test screenings determine that there is less than 20-nanograms per milliliter (an amount determined by those who ordered the test) of THC-COOH in your urine, you will pass the test.
Some urine tests screen at the 50-nanogram mark, some at 30 – the threshold limit can be variable.

Drug Tests Have Different Results

While urine tests may be the most common way to check if an individual has used cannabis in the near past, other tests can also be applied.
Blood and hair follicle-based testing are the next most common methods of drug tests throughout the US and the greater Western world.

Unlike urine tests, blood tests cannot screen for THC metabolites, since they aren’t ever present in the bloodstream. Rather, blood tests scan for active THC in the blood, and if you’re an occasional smoker this means that abstaining from weed for 2-3 days will earn you a pass with this test.
Heavier cannabis smokers will have to wait up to a week in order for the THC to exit their bloodstream so they could pass the test.

Blood tests are a good indicator that the individual is an active smoker who has smoked cannabis in the past three days. They cannot determine whether the same individual is a long-term smoker.
Some states use blood testing as a means of ruling out whether a driver is under the influence of cannabis intoxication or not. Many blood-based drug tests used for determining cannabis use establish a five-nanogram threshold for screenings.

However, a number of studies conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) have determined that these roadside THC blood tests are ineffective ways to rule out whether a driver is under the influence of marijuana or not.

Hair follicle tests on the other hand are arguably the least common test when it comes to determining cannabis use, however they are scarily accurate. THC metabolites find their way to a user’s hair follicles roughly a week after cannabis use. These hair follicles then extend those metabolites onto growing hairs, which can indicate whether someone’s used cannabis (or another illegal substance) for up to three months after consumption. These tests are uncommon, but are arguably the most accurate out of the three, and in some cases, lab technicians can use body hair instead of head hair for the test – body hair has been proven to indicate cannabis and other drug usage dating back up to a whole year.

Here‘s an accurate estimation of how long it takes for all traces of cannabis to be cleared from your body regarding the most common drug tests:
– Urine test: 3-77days  (10-30 for regular consumers)
– Blood test: 1-7 days (1-2 for light consumers)
– Hair test: 90 days

Why Cannabis Stays in Your System So Long

The main reason why cannabis stays in your system for a long time is because cannabis compounds (cannabinoids) are stored in fat cells.

THC and other cannabis compounds are fat-soluble – this means that once the compounds are metabolized they’re stored in your body’s fat cells as a means of saving energy. The fact that your body stores cannabinoids in its fat means that prolonged use leads to a gradual build up of cannabis compounds in the body.

Rodent tests confirm that THC can be found in fat cells up to 28 days after consumption.
In addition, THC can be re-released in the blood stream after vigorous exercise – this is why it’s never a good idea to exercise before a drug test.
This fact was proven by a 2013 study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence which exemplified the phenomenon that THC increases in the bloodstream after exercise/burning fat.
The fat releases the stored THC in the bloodstream after it’s burned.

This study was based on testing fourteen cannabis consumers after 35 minutes of physical exervise. Their blood levels of THC increased by a staggering 15% after the workouts, and remained so for a total of two hours.

The study also confirmed that individuals who regularly consume cannabis with a larger BMI (body mass index) released more amounts of THC in their bloodstream, as they burn more fat cells than those with a smaller BMI.

Tips For Passing Your Drug Test

#1 : If you have time time to plan, use a synthetic urine like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, its the best synthetic urine in the market place.

#2 : If you can’t get a synthetic urine, get yourself some quality detox drinks – they’re a man’s best friend when it comes to passing drug tests. Detox drinks are extremely helpful, but remember they only help dilute the urine and don’t to work for heavy users. Detox drinks also contain a good amount of vitamin B as well as creatine, which help with urines dilution.

#3 : If you can’t get a synthetic urine or detox drink,then you’re going to have some issues. The last resort is to use the urine from the middle of your urine stream, this means don’t use the first of the urine or the last of the urine as your urinating. The middle of the stream will have lower toxin levels.





A one-year pilot program in Michigan that will allow specifically trained officers to give roadside saliva tests to drivers suspected of being under the influence of such drugs as marijuana, cocaine and heroin remains on hold.

The legislation took effect in Michigan in September 2016, but Shanon Banner, a spokeswoman for the Michigan State Police, said it still hadn’t been determined in which five counties the pilot program will take place. Previously, the Michigan State Police had said it planned to have the program in place by sometime in the fall of 2016.

Michigan puts their pilot program on hold with no comment, maybe it’s possible someone realized with a little online research those field saliva kits are prone to false positives and highly unreliable. Good to know someone realize they could be arresting incident people off a saliva field test kit with a high rate false positive and could ruin their lives while they wait months for the state lab to perform LC/MS/MS confirmation to confirm if the results.

source: http://www.landlinemag.com/Story.aspx?StoryID=32825#.WKs5KfL91dy

In 2008, professional chess grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk lost a game, then was immediately asked to provide a urine sample for a drug test. Ivanchuk flipped out — he kicked a concrete pillar and pounded a cafeteria countertop — insulted that he would be asked to do something so demeaning after his loss. His fans and other players rallied to support him, the argument being that doping couldn’t help a chess player. Turns out those dopes were wrong.

I can honestly say I never expected the International chess tournaments players to fall under the World Anti-Doping Agency rules

source: https://www.inverse.com/article/27054-chess-performance-enhancing-drugs-doping-vassily-ivanchuk