It appears Michigan elected officials are attempting to prevent illegal drug users from collecting unemployment benefits.

On October 17, the Michigan  Senate voted 28-10 in favor of a piece of legislation that prohibits workers from receiving unemployment benefits if they fail a drug test required by a employer or refuse to take a drug test.

“If you were really interested in helping people gain employment, you wouldn’t kick them and their family off of (unemployment),” said Sen. Coleman Young II, a Detroit Democrat. “You would offer them drug treatment so they can lead a sober life.”


Discussion forums and various blogs are making claims about the use of zinc supplements as the new trick to pass a drug test. The truth is this is zinc is not the magic bullet that will pass a drug test, this is conflicting science on the use of zinc.

A recent paper entitled “Zinc Reduces the Detection of Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and THC By ELISA Urine Testing,” found that people who used of zinc sulfate and  oral zinc supplements concluded that zinc was effective at masking the presence of marijuana usage on urine tests.

“These results argue that the consumption of zinc supplements taken orally after light marijuana use can interfere with the detection of THC [metabolites] in urine samples for a 12- to 18-hour period,” authors determined. “We [also] conclude that zinc ion is a potential adulterant in urine samples tested for drugs. … Its effect in causing potential false-negative results in drug testing is robust and reproducible.” They concluded, “[W]e are aware of no suitable test to determine zinc adulteration in urine and conclude that zinc supplements are effective at subverting routine drug testing and undetectable by standards means.”

This paper has caused people to start making claims that using zinc was the new method to pass a drug test. But now a newer paper published in the same journal this past July causes conflicting information. The new paper from researchers at the University of Utah School of Medicine reported that zinc may only work at doses “5,000 times higher” than normal human urine, which could be harmful because excessive use of zinc can cause zinc toxicity.

“We investigated the potential interference of zinc used as a direct adulterant. … Our data indicate that the total zinc concentrations required to directly interfere with EMIT-based testing are easily distinguishable from routine random urine total concentrations.”

This raises doubts that using a zinc supplements can successfully pass a drug test for the trace of presence of THC metabolites by triggering false-negative for the results of a urine test. The major issue with this new paper was people who were used in this study did not actually smoke marijuana, so the use of zinc to pass a drug test was appears to theoretical because the researchers believed that that levels on zinc would be enough to interfere with a positive drug test result,

The rumors claiming that zinc may work for beating a drug drug are not completely false. Most drug testing labs do not test for the presence of zinc as an adulterant for urine test, but now labs are in the process of development of newer technology allowing them to test for the levels of zinc found in urine samples. Lastly, there us no other studies looking to replicate this research that taking oral zinc supplements interferes with carboxy-THC detection for urine drug test, so there is little research backing up all this claim.

I’ve been receiving various emails lately because people have been reading on discussion forums that labs are rejecting Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Peepack urine, and other synthetic urines, and even regular urine because it lacks a foam, smell or odor. I’m going to keep this VERY simple, drug testing labs can NOT LEGALLY REJECT OR FAIL urine samples because of lack of foam or smell. You can only reject samples based on drug scientific evidence only. Also, I’m not paid enough to smell a cup of urine.

Anyone with a basic background in urology would understand that some human urine can exhibit a no-foam condition or lack of small. So therefore, it would be erroneous to conclude that a given urine sample is “synthetic” simply because the sample will not foam or have any smell..

This is just ridiculous, not to mention highly unscientific and highly unprofessional. I can’t imagine they smell the samples, because even if that was policy its extremely inaccurate… does the lab technician who is performing the “sniff test” have a standardized and calibrated nose? In other words, who’s to say the person sniffing it would even have a reliable/accurate sense of smell? How do they know they are not simply catching a whiff of their own breath along with the urine? Or how do they know they are not smelling something else in the laboratory environment along with the urine? And so on and so forth….

If by some chance they refuse your sample because of lack of smell or order, First, remain calm. You don’t know what happened. It could be absolutely nothing. Innocent people will be especially inquisitive because they did nothing wrong, and want to get to the bottom of what happened. Always maintain your innocence. DO NOT admit to anything. Once you admit you did something, then its over and they win.

Ask them about their policy about lack of foam and odor. Ask them for their collectors and lab techs standardized and calibrated noses test results and demand to know how reliable and scientifically accurate that is, they won’t answer that because they can’t. Threaten to sue them! call a lawyer.. No judge will listen to such rubbish.  How can they prove to the court the person who smelled the urine has reliable/accurate sense of smell? Do you think a judge is going to sniff a cup of urine? The court will demand scientific evidence and not take the the word of some person who smelled or shook a cup of urine.

Where is this bad information coming from? You can actually trace if back to the same group of people that are spreading lies that synthetic urine no longer works.

Though if your still not convinced and want a synthetic urine with smell and foam, then I recommend Xstream Urine, its the only synthetic urine I know of that actually smells like urine and foams when shaken up.