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ARTICLE UPDATE: There is been no counterfeit Quick Fix Synthetic Urine discovered for close to three years now. Spectrum Labs located the counterfeiter who was making fake quick fix urine and has shut them down.

Spectrum Labs the manufacture of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has been putting out warnings about counterfeit quick fix synthetic urine for the past few years and recently released this warning.

Warning! Quick Fix Plus batches P5M-13 and Q5M-13 are not Spectrum Labs Quick Fix products. They are counterfeit copies and should not be used.

If you are seeking to return this merchandise please contact the original place of purchase for compensation.

There has been a lot of buzz on forums and blogs with people saying they invalid results when they used quick fix urine for their urine test, but it was discovered the people failing actually bought counterfeits and used them.

Quick Fix Urine retails for $29.95  and up for the 2oz version and the $39.95 and up for the 3oz version, yet I’ve seen sites that sell them for ridiculously low prices of $7.95, $12.95, $17.00, and $22.00.

The counterfeit quick fix urine box looked genuine, but out test showed the synthetic urines pH was off, specific gravity was off, creatinine was not present, and several other urine characteristics were missing. We then figured out it was a bottle of water with yellow food coloring added in.

If you want to save a few bucks and risk your future on some counterfeit quick fix synthetic urine you may want to think again, but I’ll tell your right now that those counterfeit quick fix urine will not pass your urine test.

Spectrum labs legal team has been working hard to track down the counterfeits too, they have an ongoing legal case against Lahar Mfg Inc who is alleged to be a source of the counterfeiting, this below was from the case file,

1. Synthetix5 and all of its owners (including Michael Tandberg and Adam Hopkins), officers, agents, servants, employees, successors, representatives, assigns, affiliates, attorneys, and others in active concert or participation with them, (collectively,  the “Restrained Parties”) are preliminarily enjoined and restrained, collectively and individually, from:

(a) Manufacturing, advertising, distributing, marketing, importing, promoting,  offering for sale, or selling any counterfeit version of Spectrum’s “Quick Fix” or “Quick Fix Plus” products.

(b) Selling, offering to sell, distributing, or otherwise supplying anything other  than a genuine Spectrum product in response to, or in fulfillment of, any request for  “Quick Fix” or “Quick Fix Plus.”

(c) Describing a product as “Quick Fix” or “Quick Fix Plus,” or as a “Spectrum” product, when the product does not actually originate from Spectrum.

(d) Using the SPECTRUM LABS, QUICK FIX, or URN LUCK trademarks (collectively, the “Spectrum Marks”), or any designation that incorporates or is confusingly similar to any of those marks in connection with the sale of any goods or services.

(e) Engaging in any activity that infringes any of Spectrum’s rights in the Spectrum Marks or otherwise unfairly competing with Spectrum in any way..

You can read more about the case at http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/california/cacdce/8:2013cv01001/565766/31

The one question I have was how much of this fake product was sold in bulk in the market place before Spectrum Labs shut down their operation? When in doubt contact Spectrum Labs and verify the source.