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miracle-scam-blood-detoxI’m going to have to say some companies are just plain greedy and use misleading marketing tactics to sell products to people who do not need them.  I stumbled upon one company selling a 5 Day Blood Program that they claim can, “Permanently Cleanses! 100% Undetectable, Removes All Toxins from your blood.”. They also sell a four, three, and two day blood detox kit based on the users toxin usage.  Here’s the truth people, if you stop taking any type of toxin your body with naturally detox your blood in 48 hours or up to five days depending on usage level of any toxins without the aid of any detoxification program.  All these people are selling you is snake oil.

Their two and three days detoxification products are misleading too, if you read the fine print of their product instructions, you find this little note,

Wait at least 24 hours after completing the kit before testing yourself. For most people it takes anywhere from one to three days after finishing the supplement portion of the program before testing clean.

Add those extra three days onto their two and three days programs and your body had already naturally detoxified. Save yourself the money and don’t buy any blood detox products, their is no scientific evidence that any blood detox products work and the U S Food and Drug Administration has not approved any blood detox pills. I also highly doubt the companies selling theses products have financed their own research to back up their claims either, most companies selling these products will feed you the line it take five days to work since they know your body with naturally cleanse its self in that period.


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In a unanimous decision, the Colorado state Supreme Court ruled 6-0 Monday that a medical marijuana patient who was fired after failing a drug test cannot get his job back.

The Colorado worker, Brandon Coats, is a quadriplegic who was fired by Dish Network after failing a 2010 drug test. The company agreed that Coats wasn’t high on the job but said it has a zero-tolerance drug policy.

Coats argued that his pot smoking was allowed under a state law intended to protect employees from being fired for legal activities off the clock. Coats didn’t use marijuana at work, but pot’s intoxicating chemical, THC, can stay in the system for weeks.

The Colorado justices ruled that because marijuana is illegal under federal law, Coats’ use of the drug couldn’t be considered legal off-duty activity.

This case was being watched closely by employers and pot smokers in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana.

source: www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2015/06/15/colorado-court-workers-can-be-fired-for-using-pot-off-duty


One thing that occurs during test is results may come back invalid or inconclusive. An invalid or inconclusive does not usually equal positive or a failed test. The means test was inconclusive while performing the test. There is various reasons why this could occur such as:

  • Their tests could of either defective or their equipment is faulty
  • Equipment is not calibrated correctly
  • Unidentified adulterant or an unidentified interfering substance
  • Lack or Urea
  • The sample was not suitable for testing
  • GC/MS interference
  • Immunoassay interference

We once had an issue with a large amount of our urine samples having unusually high pH, we eventually discovered after tracking the chain of custody that the delivery company transporting samples had faulty storage when transporting the samples. Unfortunately with companies trying to lower cost and maximize profits a lot of invalid are occurring because labs are cutting corners or not following protocols correctly to please management. This has led to honest drug free people having their results come back invalid or not consistent with human urine because of this. The MRO’s may attempt to figure what what caused this, but that is not cost effective either.  Usually it’s up to the employer on how they want to handle the results.

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Tens of thousands of prisoners across the state of Massachusetts who were convicted as a result of drug tests overseen by state scientist Annie Dookhan may soon challenge these convictions in court with a recent with a recent Supreme Judicial Court verdict.

In the unanimous decision, justices ruled that defendants whose convictions were based on evidence tainted by the chemist, Annie Dookhan, can seek new trials without facing added charges or a more severe sentence.

To sum up Annie Dookhan career as a state crime lab chemist she submitted positive results for drug samples she neglected to test, forged co-workers’ signatures on her work, lied at trial under oath and even falsely claimed to have a master’s degree in chemistry, all in an attempt look like a highly productive employee.

source: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/19/us/annie-dookhan-defendants-mass-supreme-court.html?_r=0