A one-year pilot program in Michigan that will allow specifically trained officers to give roadside saliva tests to drivers suspected of being under the influence of such drugs as marijuana, cocaine and heroin remains on hold.

The legislation took effect in Michigan in September 2016, but Shanon Banner, a spokeswoman for the Michigan State Police, said it still hadn’t been determined in which five counties the pilot program will take place. Previously, the Michigan State Police had said it planned to have the program in place by sometime in the fall of 2016.

Michigan puts their pilot program on hold with no comment, maybe it’s possible someone realized with a little online research those field saliva kits are prone to false positives and highly unreliable. Good to know someone realize they could be arresting incident people off a saliva field test kit with a high rate false positive and could ruin their lives while they wait months for the state lab to perform LC/MS/MS confirmation to confirm if the results.

source: http://www.landlinemag.com/Story.aspx?StoryID=32825#.WKs5KfL91dy

In 2008, professional chess grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk lost a game, then was immediately asked to provide a urine sample for a drug test. Ivanchuk flipped out — he kicked a concrete pillar and pounded a cafeteria countertop — insulted that he would be asked to do something so demeaning after his loss. His fans and other players rallied to support him, the argument being that doping couldn’t help a chess player. Turns out those dopes were wrong.

I can honestly say I never expected the International chess tournaments players to fall under the World Anti-Doping Agency rules

source: https://www.inverse.com/article/27054-chess-performance-enhancing-drugs-doping-vassily-ivanchuk