About THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main chemical in cannabis – it’s what makes you feel oh-so-good. When you use cannabis, your body metabolizes the THC and creates a metabolite called THC-COOH. This is the chemical compound they search for when you take a drug test because it shows that your body has taken in THC and processed it.

Your body stores its THC leftovers in your fat cells, so it can take awhile for it to fully clear out of your system. Depending on how often (and how much) you consume, it can take over a month for you to be fully flushed. If you consume cannabis occasionally, it takes at least 15 days to work it’s way out of your system. Regular consumers can expect to be “clean” after about 30 days, but heavy smokers can even test positive more than a month after their last toke.


If you’re looking to cleanse the cannabis from your body to pass a drug test, just remember the THC method – Time out. Healthy habits. Cover up.


If you’ve got a drug test coming up, the best thing you can do is to put yourself in a tokin’ time out. Don’t add to the cannabis you’ve already got in your system. Pro-tip: keep the bong-break going an extra week after your test in case they ask you to take it again.


Drink plenty of water, maintain a high-fiber diet, and exercise it out. Drinking lots of water will help flush your body of those dreaded THC metabolites. And, since most of the THC leaves your body through your feces, eating foods high in fiber will help you get rid of even more. Since THC-COOH is stored in your fat cells, exercise is one of the best ways to flush out the cannabis. Be careful, though – don’t exercise the 48 hours before your test because it will temporarily cause your THC levels to rise since the metabolites are being released into your body from the fat cells before they’re flushed out completely.


There are a lot of great ways to cover up the fact you’ve been sippin’ on kush.

If you’re drinking tons of water before a urine test, it can dilute your urine sample so much that it could grab the lab technician’s attention and force you to take it again. Make sure to take B-Vitamins (B-2 or B-12 work the best) and creatine supplements a few hours before your test to guarantee your urine sample appears normal.

Another option is to down one of detox drinks a few hours before your drug test. They inhibit your body from releasing any drug-related toxins for a couple hours, plus they have the B-Vitamins and creatine you’re gonna need for your urine to pass the test. They also sell the same supplement in pill form, just make sure you get the right dosage for your weight.

Urinalysis (pee tests) are the most common of all cannabis testing methods. But, if you’re taking a saliva or hair test there is detox mouthwash and detox cleansing shampoos that can help. It’s always a good idea to be prepared and know which type of test you’re going to be taking.

If you’re a heavy smoker, I hate to tell ya, but watering down your pee just isn’t gonna cut it. You’ll most likely be better off with a synthetic urines. Synthetic urine with the same chemicals, pH balance, and specific gravity as normal, human urine. It’s essentially urine someone mixed up in a lab rather than their body. If you’re smoking on the daily, or you’re just concerned about passing the drug test, this is the fail-safe way to do it.


There are lots of ways to pass a drug test, but there’s only one way to rid your body of cannabis for good – and I think we’ll all agree we aren’t gonna put down the pipe any time soon.