Golden Flask Synthetic Urine and Monkey Flask Urine Review

I don’t usually review two products at the same time, but it turns out the Golden Flask Synthetic Urine and Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine are the exact same product from the makers of the Whizzinator. Why the difference? Turns out the Monkey Flask Urine is owned by a company called Serious Monkey Business who just private labels all their products from Alternative Lifestyle Systems who makes the Whizzinator. That means these two products are identical, only difference is just the box. If you look at any Serious Monkey Business products you’ll find they’re all Alternative Lifestyle Systems products, but just a Serious Monkey Business box.

As a synthetic urine, this is a good product, The results came back for balanced pH, specific gravity, creatinine, uric acid, urea, amino acids, protein, few other urine characteristics, smells like urine and foams when shaken up. The one thing that sets this product apart from its competitors is it’s a four ounce synthetic urine while most other products are usually 3 ounces and the bottle is actually shaped like a flask.

The only downside is unlike quick fix urine that can be reheated unlimited times before use, these products are a single use only, meaning once opened they need to be used in a few weeks or bacteria can begin growing in the bottle.




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