Colorado and Washington Make Marijuana Legal and Drug Testing Will Resume

The voters of Colorado and Washington have voted and marijuana will be legal in their states now. What does that mean for drug testing? Not a damn thing because drug test will resume as usual. The NCAA has already stated they will not alter their drug testing policies for student athletes.

Universities in particular have an incentive to prevent students from using marijuana on campus: They’re scared to death of losing federal dollars.

Drug testings for universities will resume under fear the federal government will cut their federal funding. As for employment drug testing? In Oregon and Washington it is still perfectly acceptable to terminate some for using marijuana even if it is legal. This means that the legalization offers no protection from employer drug testing programs. Business will continue to drug test for insurance purposes and to protect themselves from liabilities.

The worst thing about this legalization is that will cause drug testing in Oregon and Washington to increase, that means people will be tested more often and business that did not test before will start testing. I can imaging the executives of drug testing companies that work in those state are popping open the champagne bottles open since they will see a higher demand in those states for drug testing now.

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