Confused about Urea vs. Uric Acid? Spectrum Labs Clears The Air

Spectrum Labs release the following statement about quick fix urine and uric acid,

Uric Acid and the Amateurs
If you are buying a synthetic urine product with uric acid, you are buying it from the amateurs.  Would you buy a synthetic product with blood in it?  Of course not.  Blood is not supposed to be in urine and only raises more red flags during your test.  Uric acid is the same way.  There is absolutely no reason for uric acid to be in synthetic urine for a pre-employment test.  It is a sure sign of a shoddy product. Do not embarrass yourself by using inferior products.

Knowledge Is Key!
Within the industry there has been confusion about Uric Acid. You can trust Spectrum Labs, based on our experience as the innovator of synthetic urine and the millions of units sold. Furthermore, as the recognized leader in the industry, Spectrum has received multiple patents from the United States Patent and Trademark offices to protect our products and you the customer.  Spectrum has engineered Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus with the necessary components such as; UREA, creatinine, biocide and kept our products nitrite and uric acid free.

There is NO scientific reason for companies to add uric acid to their products. This is a marketing ploy and if you choose a product with uric acid in it you are gambling with your future. DON’T LET YOUR JOB GO UP IN SMOKE! Choose the trusted brand leader that has been around for over 25 years.  There is a reason Spectrum has sold more synthetic products than all of our competition combined.

Spectrum Labs is right to say their is no scientific reason for uric acid to be added to synthetic urine, it’s a marketing ploy. Urea is what they are testing for and if you don’t have urea your going to have invalid results.


2 thoughts on “Confused about Urea vs. Uric Acid? Spectrum Labs Clears The Air”

  1. I’m confused here. If Uric Acid shouldn’t be used in a Synthetic., Then why was it being used in previous versions of QF? i.e 5.7 Canadian Version of the past generations.

    1. Uric Acid was never in Quick Fix Urine, it was Urea that everyone was confusing.. Somewhere years ago people got confused and started saying Uric Acid was Urea, when in fact they were two different compounds.

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