Cops mistook Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for meth, Orlando man says

From Orlando, Florida, yet another case of drug tests kits that produce false positives.  Daniel Rushing was arrested, handcuffed and charged with methamphetamine possession over a tiny flake of donut glaze on the floor of his car.

Not since a pair of Orlando police officers pulled him over, spotted four tiny flakes of glaze on his floorboard and arrested him, saying they were pieces of crystal methamphetamine.

The officers did two roadside drug tests and both came back positive for the illegal substance, according to his arrest report.

He was handcuffed, arrested, taken to the county jail and strip searched, he said.

A state crime lab, however, did another test several weeks later and cleared him.

New Florida Department of Law Enforcement data shows that 21 percent of the time, drug evidence that was listed by local authorities as methamphetamine turned out to be something else.


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