Quick Fix Urine 6.1 Review and Test Results

UPDATE!  Read the First Official Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Plus 6.2 Formulation Review!

When I heard rumors about a Quick Fix Urine 6.1 formula about to be release I contacted the people over at quickfixurine.com to ask some questions and told them I did lab testing. To my surprise the offered to send me a box of the 6.1 formula as an early sneak peak and for me to test.

Look what UPS dropped off

What makes the 6.1 formula so special is it comes pre-mixed with Urea and maintains a two year shelf life. Because drug testing labs in Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Colorado, West Virginia, and Canada tested for the presence of as urea and Quick Fix Urine did not have urea mixed in. To correct this issue, Spectrum Labs created the  had a small vial of urea that people had to mix in their quick fix urine before they used it. I was so excited when the box arrived, I couldn’t wait to get into the lab and test the next day. At the lab I decided to run the synthetic urine through the GC/MS and to perform various specimen validity testing (SVT). The GC/MS results showed negative for any drug metabolites being present. For the specimen validity testing (SVT) I used other equipment and test strips to check the creatinine, pH, specific gravity, and a number of other components of urine to make sure it was real urine. Creatinine levels were checked using colorimetry (the typical validity dipstick/cup/cassette) while Refractometry was used for checking the specific gravity. As expected the Quick Fix Urine 6.1 formula passed our urine test used by testing labs in the United States. I want to thank quickfixurine.com for sending me an early box of the newest formula for testing.

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  1. Its amazing what can be done with science lol.
    I was skeptical about this but it truly worked!
    I simply followed the instructions & kept the temp between 94-100 degrees.
    I tied the heating pad to the bottle with a rubberband about 30 minutes before my test.
    I know the 6.1 works because my lab used some crazy technology that I have NEVER
    seen before or experienced at a drug test.
    Keep it in your bra! The lady made me take off my jacket and purse and leave it outside.

    Also, the product itself will 100% work, its keeping the temperature right thats scary.
    You will know if you fucked up the temperature because they won’t let you leave the clinic
    without a retest!

    It fucking worked, I passed and now i’m moving forward with my new job 🙂


  2. Just used it today and thank goodness for your post as of course paranoia sets in and the over thinking starts. This is my first time using a synthetic as I was offered the job on the spot and had to do a UA within 24 hours. It was easy to use kept it in my bra lol with hand warmer and it tested within range my site was 90 to 100 on the strip it said 96 so I was feeling good. No questions asked made some small talk with the gal and now I am just enduring the waiting period 3 to 4 hours. Huge peace of mind that you tested it in a lab and got great results. I’m a AZ MMJ patient and still have to resort to using a synthetic… Hoping the laws will change as we progress forward with legalization or better patient laws .

  3. Jus wanted 2 say I passed my drug screen 3 days ago . The only problem I found is that may b the heating pad sent with the urine must have been defective because it never raised the temp on d thermometer above 90. Good thing I was n a troubleshooting mode way 2 early, & had purchased Xtra heating pads. I taped the entire bottle with all 3 heating pads, & placed the bottle n my underwear (I had on 2 pair). These 2 steps kept the urine @ d appropriate temp. Hope this helps all. Good luck.

  4. Its true i just used formula 6.1. My girlfriend and I both had urine tests and we both got copies of the printout from the machine they test it with and the synthetic almost exactly matched my girlfriends real urine. This stuff truly works have no doubts about this product people, they put real science in this stuff not even machines can tell the difference

  5. God bless this company.

    Just remember you urine testing companies: When you build a better mousetrap, the mice get smarter!

  6. This stuff works. Took a UA test last week. Got my results today and I passed. Paranoid since it was my first time using this but it worked!!!! Thank you quick fix 6.1

  7. So Formula 6.1 works? I was reading that 6.0 & 5.71 worked but it didn’t say anything about 6.1. I’ve done this once before but it’s still nerve wracking. I just wanna make sure that 6.1 works even though it wasn’t listed.

  8. Just used it today, ordered the leg strap they sell on their site. Perfect size for the 3oz bottle and a their heat pad, heated the pad up an hour early and wore it nestled close to my crotch and it stay right between 98 and 100. Even after sitting in the waiting room for 45 min. Skipped the squeeze top and just used the screw top, poured most in the cup and a little in the toilet with no problems. Waiting on results now but sounds like there’s no need to worry.

  9. Ya’ll, I felt obligated to leave my 5 cents about Quick Fix 6.1. This is truly a miracle liquid to beat the system. I just got news that I passed the drug screening test, I am a real person and just wanted to let everyone know this stuff really truly works. Just make sure you follow directions for the temperature to be at 90 to 100 degrees ideal temp is 96. Just stach it in your tittle whities cause they do make you empty your pockets and lock in lock box. I am now a true believer !

  10. Let me assure everyone who is freaking out about this. This works %100. So calm down peeps make sure the temp is right a do your thang<lol good luck guys and girls (:

  11. amazing! the place did an escreen and i had the results back in 3 hours, passed!! absolutely 100% recommend!!!

  12. Tested on June 24, 2016; cleared for employment on June 30th! QuickFix Plus 6.1 saves the day once again! Puff, puff, PASS!

  13. First let me say to you- the person reading this who is probably here because you used quick fix for drug test- DON’T WORRY!

    I was just like you. Anxious, concerned and thinking “omg is it going to work?”- it WILL work as long as you do exactly what the directions state:)

    I lived in WA State were M.J is legal. I had to do an unexpected move to Arizona where M.j ain’t so legal. I was a smoked for two years and did it everyday and since marijuana is stored in fat cells- it’d take me a good 3-4 months to clear a drug screen.

    I had to find work ASAP and every place required you tested- so I did what I had to do. I bought quick fix 6.1-

    The day of the test I literally could have shit my pants cause I was so nervous. I warmed the synthetic urine first for 10seconds and took it out an shook it. I could kinda see the color green but not really so I put it back in for 7seconds.. Apparently I over heated it bc there was no color on temperature marker now- yikes.

    I began panicking and went to Walgreens and bought a heating pad and a thermometer. (Why did you buy heating pad? Well, I read a review from a stranger about quick fix and they apparently couldn’t get their warmer to work so I bought on to be safe.)

    I used the theometer I bought and it read 100.6. I put it in my bra with the heating pad attached on bottle and drove off to my test.

    Before I walked in to the clinic, I used theometer again and it read 99.3. As soon as I signed in, I was take back to take test.

    Needless to say- 48hrs later I got news I passed! So don’t stress! AS LONG AS YOU GOT THE TEMPERATURE RIGHT YOU WILL BE FINE!! Keep it between 94-99 and you’re in the clear 😉 (I think even 90-93 is ok.)

  14. Quick fix 6.1 worked for me. Passed ecup drug screen yesterday, Aug 3rd. Third time using the product, will continue to use it. Had worked every single time. 3 for 3. Cleveland, Oh.

  15. Just like everyone here, I was scared to take a pre-employment piss test. I smoke a couple of times a week so I knew I couldn’t pass. I Quick Fix 6.1 was my choice. After much over thinking I used the screw top instead of the flip top. Was concerned because heat strip was not registering but just said fuck it and taped the heat pad to it. Waited 45 min went to the clinic with it under my arm pit. I had it between my t shirt and out shirt. Although the I was nervous poured the stuff in the cup and presto temp was in normal range. Based on everyone’s experience that’s the key. The rest should have me punching in at my new job.

  16. Swear to God this stuff works! I had a super important job interview with this company that requires a drug test. My best friend suggested that I use fake pee. So I looked into it. The only one I could afford was quickfix. After shipping it was 39.99. Its important to know buy this stuff atleast 1-2 weeks before hand. UPS is who they use and we all know they ain’t shit lol. Plus they don’t deliver on the weekend. So I ended up going to my local head shop instead due to the fact I didn’t get it in time. It was 40.00 there as well. I valided the batch online. The morning of the test I warmed it up for 10 seconds. Nothing showed up on the temp strip. Thinking it was not hot enough I put back in warmed it up for 5 seconds. Don’t do it if it doesn’t registered just let it cool down. Being pressed for time I left the house. Luckly it was cold outside so it dropped the temp of the pee fast. So keep that in mind. I put the hand warmer on the pee and went to the lab. Waited about 12 min in the lobby. Lucky they had a loud vent in the restroom. I was able to shake it up and pour it in the cup. The temp started to drop so I hurried and gave her the cup. I took my test at labcorp btw. I took my test monday 10 and they completed it by the 12th. I didn’t actually find out until today that I passed the test until today. I can’t believe it!!!!!! Quickfix workes!!!! Trust me!!!!!

  17. Just took a test at a Labcorp site in Portland, OR yesterday using 6.1, and sort of checking to see if this site is for real…

  18. I should have read this earlier. I took a test 6 business days ago. Did not hear anything after 5 days, so figured i was solid. Got a call this morning (negative but diluted). Two hours to take my next test or it is considered a fail. Well, not good as the pre-party was still happening from the previous day. Planned ahead and had 2 brand new QF 6.1 in my cupboard. Heated it for 10 seconds, hit 92 degrees. Reheated a 2nd time. No reading. Heated a third time, no reading. Decided to call Spectrum Labs, they answered immediately, calmed me down and said let it cool. Sure enough; 15 minutes later it reads 99-100 degrees. Attached the heating pad, put on my normal boxer briefs and then some stripper type boxers the misses got me and my “tight pants”. I walked a mile in frigid temps to the lab. Waited 45 minutes and got to the private room. Temp was 97. My hand was shaking uncontrollably while I transferred the contents. It read 96 when I handed it over and almost every bad decision in my life flashed before my eyes. Now i wait.

  19. Used quick fix 6.1 batch ST1 to take an Etest drug screen for pre-employment in florida. Everything seems fine and lab tech said everything looked good just waiting on the results. I was originally going to use a friends frozen urine, but I heated it up 6 hours before I took the test, (thought I was going to take the test on site). So I visited a headshop and the owner promised me a double money back guarantee and said he had three people pass with it last week. First time ever subbing on a test so we’ll see what happens. I’ll post the outcome when I get it.

  20. In the past i used it and they did a SVT test stip and they mentioned it tested positive for “Nitrates”, said it could be a UTI and didn’t say anything else about it. Is this something to be concerned about going forward? I am going to use it again next week for another job, but the first time it was an instant test, and i was wondering if the nitrates would send off a red flag at a test lab or if it is nothing to worry about?

    Thank you!!

    1. There is no Nitrates” in quick fix urine, those cheap SVT test strip are prone to false positives and this can happen from time to time.

  21. Using quick fix plus 6.1 today for the first time. I don’t smoke often to never but I did 6 days ago and I didn’t expect to get a job so soon. I am so freaking nervous. My sister and her bf gave me it. It was purchased 1.3 years ago and has been stored in a car for most of that time. Called checked the. Batch number and lady said it was good til June 2017. The only thing is the heat pad it came with doesn’t work. Thinking of heating it up at a gas station prior to going in because the center is about 25 ‘mins away from me. I really hope this works I pray cuz I need this job so bad. I will post results when I get them. All the reviews Iv read have been good except for maybe 5 or 6 out of like 100. Concerned about temp and it showing up as non human. Can’t wait for this to be over with. Positive vibes. Any tips please post thanks so much everyone for the reviews

      1. Thnx for the reply. I hit the gas station minutes before it’s hella cold where I live right now. Temp was at a perfect 98 two pairs of panties leggings and pants over now the waiting game tick tock

  22. Hey guys just an update.
    I passed got the job and start immediately!!! 🙂
    I was skeptical about some comments wondering how real the ppl were but it worked for me 100%. Thnx quick fix God Bless Ur Souls
    One Love ❤

  23. This was my first time subbing. I’m a heavy user and went to my local smoke shop after being offered a job. I used QF 6.1 in California Jan 3rd. Heated bottle for 10 seconds, no reading. Heated another 5 seconds for 96 degree reading. I shook up the heating pad and attached with the rubber band and stuffed the bottle down my pants and some tight undies under my sack with the heat pad away from me. I had to sit in the waiting room for almost 2 hours sweating bullets about the temp but it didn’t feel cold on my skin while waiting, felt body temp. Finally when it was time i went into the restroom and was happy to see the temp sitting at 100 degrees. i shook it and took the lid off and poured the contents into their cup and made my way out. Temp was in range, got the call on the 5th to start on monday. QuickFix got me a sweet job. Would DEFINITELY recommend and would use again in the future.

  24. Thanks for the update! That’s great news!!!!!

    I am really glad for sites like these, helping keep up with the changes the labs make. We need an edge these days.

  25. Hey guys ive been on diffeent sites trying to figure out if people were.true a out what they say about the 6.1, lol just like everyone else i really want and need this good job $ thats testing me soon so i have no choice but to take everyones word for on this comment page: I will definitely let you know what happened on my results peepz..

  26. I can’t express how much Quick Fix saved my ass. Like many here, an unexpected UA was required for a job of a lifetime. Sweating bullets, I knew that subbing was my only viable option of passing the pre screen. Went to the local head shop and purchased two QF6.1 bottles (3 oz). Confirmed the batch (#ST163G07A) online and followed directions exactly. Used two heat pouches (one on each side) and poured the sub out at a perfect 96 degrees. The lab guy collected the specimen, checked the temp, and off to the lab in went. That was the hardest part. About a week later got the call that I cleared and can begin work immediately! I owe a lot to Quick Fix and wrote this to say it worked for me.

  27. I just bought quick fix and am sweating bullets waiting for my employer to tell me when it is time to test…probably soon! I am so scared, I never want to smoke again! Will this work at Quest diagnostics??? Help!!! I am freaking out!

  28. Just got back from the lab after using QuickFix 6.1 that I picked up at my local headshop. I was sketching hard about the temperature getting too hot with the heating pad and too cool without it. I attached the heating pad 30 minutes before my test and stuck it my spandex briefs after shaking it up. Sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes nervous as all hell. Got called back, pulled out the bottle and it was sitting at a perfect 100 degrees. I forgot to shake the bottle again before I poured it in the cup so hopefully it still worked since I shook it before I left. Hoping for the best! Only seeing good results so far.

  29. I just took my pre employment screen test today, Tuesday, but I won’t get my results until next monday. The positive feedback is making me feel better, but I am definitely nervous! Wish me luck!

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