Marijuana Breathalyzer Coming Soon

The marijuana breathalyzer may be coming sooner then we thought. It’s been reported a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP drug enforcement agent has developed a functioning breath test that will allow police to test drivers for recent marijuana use.  The retired drug enforcement agent wanted to create a functioning device to deter stoned drivers from getting behind the wheel.

One major concern that has been researched and debated about is that even though this marijuana breathalyzer can detect the presence of pot, that is no indicator of impairment, High Times wrote up a good article called “The Problem With the Pot Breathalyzer”, which discusses how a marijuana breathalyzer would simply a detect recent usage of pot, while an alcohol breathalyzer can accurately measure for impairment. I don’t expect to see a functioning marijuana breathalyzer that can measure for impairment for at least 36 months, but I could be wrong.

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