Campaign to Discredit Synthetic Urines Like Quick Fix

I’m sorry to say a small group of companies that sell detoxification products are just as shameful and money oriented as the urine testing industry.

I visit various online testing forums to help people with passing urine test, but over the last year a few detoxification companies have been spreading lies that synthetic urine no longer works to discredit synthetic urine and attempt to sell their products.

On various forums you’ll see new user accounts created that start threads and post these types of comments,

Many labs now check the urine under a microscope due to the synthetics becoming more popular. Unfortunately synthetic urine doesn’t look like real urine under a microscope. If your lab does this they’ll know you subbed immediately.

Quick Fix synthetic urine failed at my urine test, so I used *REMOVED PRODUCT NAME* and passed.

When urine goes to GC/MS it cannot pass if it isn’t real urine because the pH, creatinine levels, acidity, and other markers of human urine are simply either not there, or not in proportion with what falls into alignment for human urine.

QuickFix and other synthetics like it. All they have to do is a quick secondary screen and BAM, inconclusive “this ain’t human wee wee” results pop up left and right due to insufficient levels of creatinine, or wacky pH, or weirdo acidity that raises red flags

I could post hundred of these comments, but you get the point that various people are attempting to spread myths that synthetic urine doesn’t work. The individuals posting these comments are paid to do this or are employees of the detoxification companies spreading these lies.

Whenever pressed for information these stories always fall apart since most of these post can not back up their claims with any evidence.

I have yet to see ONE scanned report of the bullshit synthetic failures. As a matter of fact, on a certain other forum that is named for weed where paid advertisers are allowed to be moderators of the urine testing forum, they have several times set up sock puppet accounts and try and spread fear and lies about synthetic urine because it affects their bottom line. They usually try and claim their samples were rejected by McGruff the piss sniffing poorly paid lab collector who has a calibrated and tested sense of smell that allows them to legally reject samples based on smell or lack of foam. Truth is their biggest enemy and the truth is, detox potions are a scam and synthetic urine is not.

Most people expect when they go to a urine testing forum they would get some honest impartial help and not be told to purchase over priced products that claim the impossible. But some forums sponsors have purchased the ability to influences urine testing information people read. One forum for example allows the sponsors to moderate the urine testing section. Those moderators then create fake discussions, delete whole threads, edit comments, and ban users to control the information that is available.

Why are these companies people spreading these lies? Money is the motive. Synthetic urine cost anywhere from $25 – $35, while some urine detoxification companies sell products that range from $100 – $200.  The goal is to confuse people and persuade them to buy the more expensive product.

Here are the facts; I recently took a bottle of quick fix urine down to the lab to be tested. The lab geeks ran it through a GC/MS and it came back clean of any drug metabolites. I then asked them to do some specimen validity testing (SVT) which uses other equipment and test strips to check the creatinine, pH, specific gravity, and a number of other components of urine to make sure it was real urine. Creatinine levels were checked using colorimetry (the typical validity dipstick/cup/cassette) while Refractometry was used for checking the specific gravity.

In the end, our lab technicians could not tell the difference between real urine and quick fix synthetic urine.

I will end this post with this final comment.

If the urine testing industry could detect synthetic urine, we would advertise it to our customers and brag about it on their company websites. This would cause whole synthetic urine industry to be put out of business overnight! Why aren’t we advertising this? because we can’t detect synthetic urine, if we advertised we could and it was discovered we lied that would be fraud.

4 thoughts on “Campaign to Discredit Synthetic Urines Like Quick Fix”

  1. A few of these companies are finding out right now that you CAN and WILL be sued for libel if you purposely spread lies and misinformation on the Internet with the sole purpose of a defaming a competitors product with so substantive proof. I hope those fools like Potbear have deep pockets. Stupid ass lying shills…

  2. I agree with this post 100%. The same capitalism rules of why one has to drug test are the same rules that companies like Spectrum Labs must follow. Spectrum Labs or any other similar company are in the business of making a product that works so that they can make money.

    What I mean by this is that the drug testing business is a direct result of the Lab business sector/Government setting up rules and financial rewards (cheaper insurance rates) for implementing drug tests. Drug testing businesses make millions of dollars drug testing every year off of good marketing and financial incentives that employers receive for implementing drug tests. At the same time, the Government wants to say they’re doing something to protect the public which is why we have so many rules on who’s drug tested, etc. I do agree that certain professions should require testing but IMO, most don’t.

    In return, this has created a whole business of beating the system. How long would these businesses stay in business if their products didn’t work? Answer: not long, especially in today’s mass communication world. Furthermore, if Labs were able to detect synthetic urine, they would be promoting it to no ends. I don’t see this. Labs can post all the signs they want cautioning people that they will be caught and rely on this method to scare people. Putting something on a sign doesn’t mean it’s true but many people believe that if they read a sign or read one “failed my test” post that it must be true.

  3. I’ve used synthetic and never had a problem. It’s not that hard to keep the temp up and the people that you hand your sample to don’t care.. They just look to see it’s warm and send the sample on to the testing facility.

  4. This is all good to hear. I have researched extensively and have seen the comments above discrediting synthetics.

    I, for one, have ordered my QF 6.1 for my holiday just -in case random……

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