Your Favorite Hydroponics Forum Might Have A Hidden Agenda

My last article about the Campaign to Discredit Synthetic Urines Like Quick Fix talks about how a few detoxification companies have been spreading lies that synthetic urine no longer works to attempt to sell their detoxification products got some nice attention. Though it appears this situation is not limited to drug testing.

A recent article over at talks about how a few hydroponics forums  are secretly sponsored by marijuana seed companies and/or hydroponics companies to trick users into buying sponsors products.

Online hydroponics forums appear to be neutral social networking sites run for the benefit of the marijuana community. You don’t think of them having a commercial agenda. It looks like a free information site. But some online forums are covertly sponsored by marijuana seed companies and/or hydroponics companies. This influences the medical marijuana information you get. In some cases, moderators shape discussions, remove or edit comments, and ban commenters in order to further the secret commercial agenda of the site’s hidden sponsors. In other cases, a site’s moderators or management are biased in favor of various hydroponics companies out of sheer ignorance, and they carry that ignorance over into how they manage site content. Let’s just say that many of the people running and moderating these sites are not professional marijuana growers!

You can see this exact same strategy being used on other forums when it comes to drug testing.

Avoid These Pitfalls, Traps & Swindles You’ll See on Hydroponics Forums []

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