Drug Testing Industry Question #2

Are company drug test really random?

Yes and No.  My company has a software program we give all the Human Resource Departments that we are contracted to do drug test for. This software allows to you choose how many people you want to test and links up with the company employee directory and pulls random names. But there one more thing, before the HR generates the random drug testing list, we have a some entry boxes that says, “List Employee Names”. This allows HR to enter who they would like to test, and then pull in the rest of the employees randomly. So for a test random 30 person test, any of those people could of been pre-selected by there company for that test.

If you’re showing up late, or your performance at work is becoming poor, you can expect HR to add you name to that random drug test list before they print it out.

Just ask Major League Baseball player Jose Bautista about random drug testing. He has been subjected to “random” drug tests 16 times in the last two seasons, which is about four times higher then everyone else.

According to Major League Baseball’s “Drug Prevention and Treatment Program,” every player is subjected to at least one random test during spring training and one other random test during the year. In addition, Major League Baseball is permitted to administer 1,200 additional random tests during the year to the approximately 1,000 players. That averages to 3.2 tests per year for each player.

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