Florida’s Welfare Drug Testing Controversy

There is controversial law requiring welfare applicants be drug tested in order to receive benefits. The law was halted by federal judge that said  the law could violate the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment ban on illegal search and seizure.

On the Daily Show with John Stewart, they sent Aasif Mandvi to Florida to find out why Luis Lebron, a Navy veteran and public assistance recipient, won’t submit to welfare drug testing and why the politicians in Florida will not submit a drug test themselves.

2 thoughts on “Florida’s Welfare Drug Testing Controversy”

  1. Why do Republicans keep blowing tax payer money passing and defending stupid laws that the courts will only strike down?

  2. Why is this an infringement on constitutional rights, yet every employer can ask for a drug test before hiring new candidates?

    Admin Note: Because employers are private companies and have the choice to hire you or allow you to maintain your employment. Most private employers are not required to test for alcohol or drug use but they do for various reasons such as to qualify for workers compensation discounts and to avoid legal liability.

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