GOP Lawmakers Push LegislationProposals to Drug Test the Unemployed

Florida wants to test people receiving welfare, now all the states want to test people who are receiving unemployment benefits.

GOP lawmakers in statehouses around the country are pushing legislation that would force the unemployed to pass a drug test in order to receive benefits. In February 2012 Congress gave states the go-ahead to introduce such legislation, despite criticism from worker advocacy groups and civil libertarians.

Most people forget that unemployment is an insurance benefit paid for by employer and employee into an unemployment fund in case they would ever need unemployment. Unemployment is not welfare or a free ride, it’s benefits they earned. Is this just an attempt by politicians looking for a way to deny benefits to people and pocket the funds? Whats next? Drug testing to receive social security and medicare?

Though who is not taking drug test? Oh yes, not corporate executives receiving government hand outs, most notably the executives of the financial sector. We will continues to see no testing for bosses and politicians, but employees will be forced to drop their pants and piss in a cup.

I’ll say it over and over again till my last breath. The only people who will benefit from this legislation are the drug testing labs.


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