North Dakota Wants Self Paid Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients

After Florida’s failed attempt to drug test welfare recipients, now the Republicans of North Dakota are attempting to attack the low-income Americans. Their new bill would require anyone receiving welfare to pay for their own drug test, if they pass the test would be refunded.

When Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed into law a bill that had similar requirements as the law proposed in North Dakota, the state lost tens of thousands of dollars after less than three percent of test takers failed. With an average cost of $35 per test, welfare recipients would be seeing a significant amount of money coming out of their already low check. While someone who does pass a test receives a refund, they often have to wait to see the money return.

Before this bill should pass the politicians in North Dakota should be drug tested too before they can collect their bloated paychecks paid for by the tax payers of North Dakota.

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