Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 2019 Reviews

UPDATE!  Read the First Official Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Plus 6.2 Formulation Review, or watch the video below.

Let me start 2019 by saying that testing labs located the US are still prohibited by law to conduct any form of genetic testing on urine samples collected for an employment-related urine test, this means they cannot test to see if you’re a male or female or do any type or hormone measuring. Testing labs can only test for pH level, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, and excessive nitrites/oxidants. I also need to say once again that testing centers and labs can NOT LEGALLY REJECT OR FAIL urine samples because of lack of foam or smell, Anyone saying they test for anything else is lying, has no clue what they are talking about, or are spreading myths about synthetic urine


Update 4/18/2019: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine continues to pass the urine screening.

Over the years Spectrum Labs has battled numerous companies selling counterfeit (fake) versions of their products and shut them down, but a new issue started to occur in 2016, people were selling out-of-date and expired quick fix urine on Ebay, Amazon, and various “discount” websites who are not official distributors. They show pictures of the very latest version of the product while selling product at or past the shelf life, and in some cases sending you a completely different product altogether. Sadly, the victim in these situations is the customer. If you received an out of date product it’s not going to perform to your expectations and you won’t find out until it’s too late. Now if you located quick fix urine on Ebay, Amazon, or any “discount” website selling for below price, remember there could be deceptive reason why. As you’ve probably guessed by now, that reason is not to give you a great deal. But, what you will get is a great deal of aggravation.

Best advice is to stay with the official distributors at quickfixurine.com, quickfixurineplus.com, urineluck.com to avoid any issues.

With all these being said Quick Fix Urine still works in 2018. The new 6.2 formula Quick Fix Synthetic Urine works every state and Canada.

If you need a urine delivery device check out the Piss Perfect which is a easy to conceal, easy to use urinating device with a very realistic prosthetic penis. If you want need a electronic urine testing device that will maintain testing temperature check out the urinator.

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    1. I just went to get a pre employment drug test done. I am a daily smoker. I passed with flying colors. It was $25 at my local head shop. It comes with a heating pouch but I didn’t use it. Just pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds and then I tucked it in between my vag and my underwear, (wear tight underwear and loose pants.) It has a temp reader so you can keep track and make sure it’s the right temp. Mine was at a perfect 94 degrees.

      All I can say is that this worked amazingly and now i have a kick ass job.

      WILL USE AGAIN!!!!! 🙂

    2. First time using this product many good reviews but when I heat up the urine and then get my heat pack going with it make the urine stay a steady temp or will it make it go up. So like when I get there will it stay 95 degrees or would it be 120 lol just do t want this to happen

      1. I used both the heat pack and tucked it between my legs. My microwave is 700watt so I heated it for 20 seconds and it was at 100 degrees. I checked the temp strip in the parking lot while I was screwing on the pour cap, and it was at 96 degrees. Now I’m just waiting for the results to get back, hopefully it works! This job opportunity is a life changer. I tried quitting 30+ days before I knew I would have a drug test, but I was apparently too heavy of a smoker. Multiple at home test fails.

    3. The quic kfix urine worked for me just fine. I passed my test and i smoke eveeyday. Just make sure that you do not hear it pass 15 sec. Because you will have to let it cool for a while until the marker reading become active. So if you don’t get a reading its because its too hot just let it cool.

      Also make sure it is at 98 degrees. Because these drug testing facilities are getting smarter they making you wait for a while before you take your test so your pee sample can be cool and not pass the temperature test.

      Be creative

    4. It does!! **It’s October, 2018 in case the date isn’t noted**Im a 35 year old Female and have been a daily pot smoker for 10 years+. Not just flower either, i was smoking some really nice concentrate right before i found out i’d have to pass a drug test for my dream job. I was led to believe they wouldn’t drug screen for this job so i didn’t bother quitting. Once i found out, i was lucky enough to be able to push it back 2 weeks. I quit cold Turkey and started pounding water. But i was so stressed i barely ate anything for 2 weeks. At 9 days i tried using the U.S.B. pill regimen from Purity Labs that was highly recommended by the guy at my local head shop. Well, it didn’t work for me. I bought a 7 panel, expensive (!) at home drug test and failed miserably. I had a full blown panic attack that evening. The stress was consuming every minute of every day. It was terrible!! So my husband suggested buying synthetic urine bc he had 2 friends that used it successfully. It was either that or use my SIL’s pee, she’s the only clean person i felt comfortable asking. The day my kit came (overnighted it, spent a pretty penny but thank god i did) i got a text from my possible new boss seeing if i could still come in for the screen that day. So i popped that bitch in the microwave and practiced sitting on it, taking it out of my underwear, everything for about 2hours. I wore a normal tee, 2 pairs of underwear – the one closest to my hoohah having a pocket where the liner goes so i was able to attach the heating pad to it and slide it right in, and then a knee length loose fitting skirt. I was scared shitless but i literally 5 minutes ago got confirmation that I PASSED!!! this stuff is LEGIT and is worth spending the $56 to overnight it. I should note that i didn’t use the heating pad that came with the kit bc or said the average temp was 124° and it was wedged up in my crotch so i didn’t want it to be too hot. I had ‘SubZero Hot Spot’ hand cbd glove warmers that didn’t get as hot. It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Like i’d gladly rather give birth again then have to go thru that but the point is IT WORKED!!!!! Also, don’t let this make you feel like a bad person or a criminal for having to go this route. Bc i did! It’s not fucking fair that weed is the safest form of recreational drug – more so than alcohol, cigarettes, energy drinks for fucks sake! But if you partake or can derail your life. The system is fucked up, not you. DON’T BE SCARED, FIGHT BACK!!!!!

  1. I’m a girl, i took this, kept it in my boob in a sock and passed the drug test. Helllllll yes i really didn’t think it would work but it did 🙂 yay mee

  2. I just used the 6.1 with urea and uric acid on a 10 panel drug screen I’m hoping I pass anyone with experience please reply

  3. This helped me get my job, and like someone else said, my just-in-case that sat in my car for months just saved me, and I immediately ordered another one. It only takes a couple of minutes to get it ready out of the box. Make sure you get the bigger one just in case.

  4. I just took a piss test with the new quick fix plus 6.1 god I hope it works. The old ones used to but I’m always worried when trying something new

  5. Been working great for me, use it 1-4 times a month for 4 years now. reccomend this to anyone when the topic comes up

  6. I had a lab test done today and I used quick fix plus 6.1. I’m not stressing I’ll know I’ll pass. I know a lot of people that use it. Works everytime. Highly recommended.

  7. I took mine today and it’s my first time using QuickFix Plus 6.1. My best friend has used every model over the years with every upgrade and she has passed every time.

    I was so nervous I read every blog site and comments going back at least 5 years so that I knew what to expect. I even bought 2 tests so I could use 1 to practice with. The reason I say practice first is so you know exactly how long it takes for the heating pack to heat up and how exactly the temperature reads and how long it will stay at a specific temperature. You want to make sure when u go in reads about 98 cooling down from 100, so when u pour it into ur testing cup it should read between 96-98 degrees. Trust me it matters.

    I highly recommend for a first time user such as myself to purchase 2 and practice with 1. I will come back and update if I passed or failed. Good Luck to everyone out there.

    1. I just took a pre employment test today and I’m confident I will pass. I’ve used it once before and I have two other friends that use it. Works wonders lol just make sure the temp is perfect. I usually wear boxer briefs and store it near my gooch area

      1. Did the same, I just went today, supposedly I was suppose to get immediate results, just got a call it getting sent to the lab, souls get results in 24 to 72 hours, should I be concerned?

  8. Just came back from Labcorp in Ocean County NJ. I used Quickfix 6.1 batch # ST153D24U. I called and verified the batch today before I went. Turned out to be a new one. It was easy to heat up in the microwave and keep warm in the crotch. The lady was right outside bathroom the whole time so I had to be very quiet. I poured the synthetic into the pee container while I peed in the toilet. When I was done, she checked off that it was in the right temp range, sealed the container, had me sign 1 paper and said have a nice day. She seemed to be in a rush. I hope I pass! The paper I signed said it was a 5 panel test. Good luck to all of us!!! I’ll let everyone know if I got the job….

  9. I got the job! I am a real person in a real situation. I had my doubts but it totally paid out! I owe a lot to quick fix. All I can say is don’t take my word for it. Do your research. You will find many success stories. They’ll add up and you will decide to take the risk. Just know that we’ve all been there. We’ve all done our research and decided to take the risk and then waited nervously to hear the results. I am so glad I did!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Just used 6.1 for edrug test passed and got results in less than 24hrs!!! So freaking easy! Followed the instructions exactly but the 10 seconds warmed it to hot reading nothing on the temp strip…. I immediately freaked! But waited a few minutes just like it said and it cooled to under 100 degrees in no time. I’m ordering more now this is legit!!!

  11. Works great have had several lab tests done and also ten panels. Just be sure it ain’t to far out of reach when they throw u that random cup. And don’t use a hand warmer use the ones that come with it they hold perfect temp if it ain’t to hot outside. My advice have it at perfect temp when you show up for work in the morning and randoms will be a breeze. Hest it up as many times as u would like also. Guess the guys and gals that have had it in their vehicle for months proved it’s good for that

  12. I did quick fix 6.1 for an Escreen 10 panel and like you I was skeptical. I was freaking out for over a week waiting and when they sent out my results I was even more scared. This worked like a charm no detection no non human specimen. Everything worked out and I am eternally thankful!! It’s good to stress a little but follow the instructions to a t and you should be fine.

  13. My first go with this. Just picked up formula 6.1 for a new job. Super nervous! but staying positive with these previous comment.

  14. I can’t believe it acutually worked, I was a nervous wreck.. It took 7 days to get the results.. Thank you quick fix.. And btw this is an acutual customer l.. Just follow the instructions

    1. Your post gives me such confidence! I had been at my job for almost 9 years and the time has finally come for me to move up. I would just want to die if I didn’t get it because of being a smoker :/ this would be my last hurdle to get through.

  15. Today, I found out that I passed a urine test though Quest Diagnostics. I did so with Quick Fix Plus 6.1 .. I was completely freaked out for a day and a half, because I thought for sure It would be detected. However, it all worked out in the end. Now I can work in a field that I went to school for, for 5 1/2 years. People, I’m real, the success is real. It works.

  16. I recently purchased the Quick Fix Urine, not the plus or 6.1 but just the regular one. Is the regular Quick Fix just as good as the 6.1? And what are the differences between the two? Thank you in advance to any helpful responses.

  17. I know qf 6.1 has urea but does qf 6.1 have Uric acid also? I am under the impression that labs are testing for both now

      1. Can you expand on this, or can anyone? I noticed quick fix says it has uric acid then in some places says it has urea. additionally i can not get a clear answer on wether or not labs check for the presence of both or just one. I will be taking a test in CA.

        1. My explanation above pretty much sums it up, quick fix urine has never had uric acid. Years ago people confused urea as uric acid and said quick fix contained it, when in fact it never has had uric acid in it. Labs only check for urea, uric acid is only found in urine if you have a urinary tract infection.

          1. This is acutally false, Uric Acid is formed when the body breaks down purine, and most dissolves in the blood, and goes through your Kidneys, then you out through your piss.

          2. Actually your correct, I misspoke.. Your body does produce small amount of uric acid, when it isn’t detected that could mean your kidney is failing, or if you have high levels if means you could have glout(which leads to kidney stones) or a urinary tract infection. This is one reason they do not test for uric acid, uric acid levels are not consistent like urea. Thanks for the feedback.

        2. That guy is wrong, Uric Acid is formed when the body breaks down purine, and most dissolves in the blood, and goes through your Kidneys, then you out through your piss.

          1. Actually your correct, I misspoke.. Your body does produce small amount of uric acid, when it isn’t detected that could mean your kidney is failing, or if you have high levels if means you could have glout(which leads to kidney stones) or a urinary tract infection. This is one reason they do not test for uric acid, uric acid levels are not consistent like urea. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Most things that say they contain uric acid are a waste of time. Urine doesn’t actually contain uric acid..a lot of countries such as aussie and new Zealand have high amountschool of urea in their urine because it is the most common fertilizer used on our food products.

      1. Your environment doesn’t have to do with the levels on urea in your urine. Urine is 95% water, urea makes up 2%, the the remaining 3% are made up of various other chemicals.

  18. Once again i used this product this was the third time i used it and passed no problems temperature gauge works well the heat pad kept it at 100 degrees for over a hour and half while i sat in the clinic when i pulled it out in the restroom to test i fanned it of to 98 degrees very quick

  19. Quick fix works! I passed a new employee drug test. Had a question the morning of the test, called quick fix 1-800 number, a real person picked right up and answered my question. Super friendly. I highly recommend this product!

  20. IT WORKED!! i’m a real person with real results. i actually heated this product up everyday until i got my random and it worked passed and am now pursuing a career i love even tho i smoke moderately!! will use this always!!

  21. IT WORKED!! i’m a real person with real results. i actually heated this product up everyday until i got my random and it worked passed and am now pursuing a career i love even tho i smoke moderately!! will use this always!! red the newest version with urea!!

  22. Just finished taking a drug test using quick fix , very confident! I just recommend letting it get to the desired heat with the green temp mark before going into the lab, could take about 45 min

  23. I took at test with quest diagnostics on wed 12/2/15 I got my passing conformation today 12/4/15 that I passes I used quick fix plus

    1. I went to quest diagnostics today. They did a ten panel 300W/OPI for a really good job I used quick fix plus 6.1. Will I pass?

  24. I have used this product once before and it worked for me and I used to again today to get an amazing job that pays really well… But they are actually sending it off to the lab… It made me a little leery and nervous but thanks to everyone’s comments I feel confident thank you all :)))

  25. I have passed so many tests with this! You can relax! IT DOES WORK! But….I suggest buying heat wraps (like therma care or store brand) instead of using tiny hand warmer they supply. It’s adhesive and will cover the whole bottle and get it in the 90 degree range that you need. Good luck!

  26. Man I’m from Maryland n it s January of 2016 and I was super nervous abt the results but let me jst say it work I got my new job n passed with flying colors kno issue

  27. I’m going to use quick fix plus 6.0 but I’m scared because I got it for $13 at a smoke shop and I was confident until I read some posts saying that if it’s that cheap its probably fake and stuff like that but its batch it the same batch that the first person on this post posted up…what should I do???should I just go for it..????or should I get a new batch please help me asap

    1. There is been no counterfeit Quick Fix Synthetic Urine discovered for close to three years now. Spectrum Labs located the counterfeiter who was making fake quick fix urine and has shut them down. When in doubt call the manufacture.

  28. Is quick fix going to work? I just want to post something to make sure this is real and not some sort of ad campaign. I just bought some at a smoke shop and I’m crazy nervous about this 10 panel test. Am I going to pass?

  29. So it’s real…. I am a bit more at ease. Just hope I can sneak it there without acting a fool. 10 panel!!!

    1. I just got the call saying I passed my 10 panel. Follow the heating instructions and practice beforehand. Keep it tucked and youll be fine. I cant believe this works but I just got the best job ive ever had and I owe it all to Q.F. 6.1

  30. Worked!! I’m a daily smoker so I was terrified about this pre-employment drug test. I freaked out for days. But when the time came, I followed the instructions, put it in a sock, and hid it in my tits. It held temp perfectly and I passed with flying fucking colors 🙂

  31. Two days later and I passed! Quick fix still working. I’ve used it numerous times over the last 10yrs! First time in years that I have had to. Used 6.1 and passed no problem!

  32. I was really skeptical about using this stuff. But everything worked out and now I’m am officially employed full time.
    This stuff REALLY works!!!!!

  33. It worked for me. I am in San Diego, CA. Was tested two days ago and was just informed that I can return to duty. I will keep some Quick fix on deck until I no longer need it.

  34. I Passed in TN. Used quick fix 6.1 plus. I suggest you use the regular screw top, not the squirt top. The squirt top gurgles and sucks for air after you squeeze it. Just fill up the test cup over the temp strip and bring it out. Just warm it up and go for it, then rest assured it does work.

  35. I was super nervous but quick fix worked great. Didn’t microwave it or anything, just gave it a little over an hour with the heat pack in my boobs, hid it in the girls for the test too. Make sure you shake it well. I got tested at quest, the quick fix was within the 90(94?)-100° temp range. Really the hardest part about using it was getting over my own anxiety. Just be cool and you’ll be fine.

  36. Ive used this product like 8 times…..getting over your own nervousness is the biggest part…..like the guy said use he screw lid instead of the pop top it does make noise…..this stuff is awzome

  37. I ordered quick fix and used it for a five panel pre-employment drug screening. I passed immediately! As long as you use the handwarmer to keep it between 94-100 degrees! I’m ecstatic. Hello to the job I deserve and good-bye to the headache of drug tests!!

  38. Help! What is the difference between quickfix 6.0 and 6.1? The smokeshop only sells 6.0. Kaiser usually sends it out for another test after the test in their own office. Will this work?

    1. Actually 6.0 didn’t contain two very important chemicals which are cretine and ureus acid (spelling is way off) which 6.1 fixed and added. If you read reviews 6.0 failed a lot of tests for a lot of people which is why they created the new blend 6.1.

      1. That’s actually incorrect. 6.0 did contain creatinine and urea. 6.1 is the exact same formulation as 6.0, the only difference is the new box. Due to a counterfeiting issue four years ago, someone was making a poor knockoff that was causing issues and a new box was designed that was harder to fake. Spectrum Labs then located the counterfeit over three years ago and shut them down and there has been no issues since then.

  39. Just used Quickfix 6.1 batch ST153m45U last week for an eScreen 5-panel drug test. Got the results back today that I passed. Get it up to temperature (96-100) play it cool and your golden!

  40. I used this and passed my test.

    I don’t have a microwave so I submerged it in hot water and then put it on a heating pad. I used. Thermometer to check temp. Got it to about 94-96 and attached the supplied heat pack it and put it in my bra. It was about 45 minutes from the heat back being put on to my test and it was the perfect temperature.

  41. I dont usually write reviews but this is important =p I Just used QuickFix 6.1 today. Everything went well just waiting on my results

  42. I used Quick Fix on 5/4/16 and just found out today that I passed and got the job!
    I followed the instructions, but was too scared to go in the first time I heated it up.
    The next time, I microwaved it and then kept it in my crotch (female) to keep it at body temp.
    Even with re-heating it, I still passed! I AM SO RELIEVED! This was for a LABCORP test and I think they’re pretty common, too. As long as it’s only pre-employment testing, you will be in the clear using Quick Fix. I promise I’m real! lol

  43. I was a little nervous using quick fix 6.1. I took a 10 panel test a few days ago . not to worry it came back fine. . love this product . I highly recommend it ! will be buying more

  44. What is the official phone number to call and verify the batch number? I saw something on ripoffreport.com that said quickfixurine.com sells fake batches,and that’s where I purchased mine so I’m not sure if I can trust the phone number printed on the box when I call. I’m feeling paranoid. Please verify the phone number if you can. Thanks!

  45. Used the Quickfix 6.1 to pass a 10panel test. It works! I got the call to start my new job in a week. Thank you Quickfix!

  46. I highly recommend this it 200% works.. I start orientation tomorrow This stuff is a life saver. I was nervous as hell waiting for the call but it came through. thank you quick fix…

  47. I used QF formula 6.1 for a LAB drug test and it passed with flying colors. No suspicion, hassle, or anything. Complete vouch for this product right here! Life saver.

  48. Hi All,
    I’m facing a D/T tomorrow and just purchased P-Sure synthetic urine. It was recommended as the next gen to QF. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience or tips with using this product that could be shared? Much appreciated if so! Thank you

    1. Recommended by who? This product has been on the market for almost eight years and is a low quality product I would never recommend..

        1. The source is me, I’ve tested pretty much every product on the market, and there is only four or five synthetic urine products I would ever recommend.

    2. I don’t know about the P-Sure, but I SERIOUSLY suggest u stick with QuickFix 6.1 with Urea. literally was told I passed 20 minutes ago.

  49. Trust me when I tell u… I NEVER LEAVE PRODUCT REVIEWS ON ANYTHING ONLINE!!! Quick Fix Plus 6.1 Save my life as I know it because it saved my job! Had a rediculous accident at my job that wasn’t even my fault. But due to policy I had to go do a drug screen. One word… Passed!

  50. QuickFix is a life savor! First time using it very easy and pretty cheap. Passes with flying colors and am working the job of my dreams. I will always use QuickFix for a drug screening. Thank you QF!!!

  51. Passed June 2016 using Quickfix 6.1!!! I’m beyond excited to start my new job and I owe a lot of it to passing this urine test. I bought the 3 oz thinking I might be short but honestly the 2 oz is fine, just use the whole bottle of you buy 2 oz. WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!’

  52. Just got an email saying I cleared my drug test!!!!! I got a phone call on Monday saying I got the job and that I have 48 hours to pass a pre-employment drug test. She’s telling me this over the phone as I’m hitting a blunt … BUT people are great and think of amazing products like this. Thank you quick fix for helping me land the job!

  53. I PASSED!! QF 6.1 Plus. Local (trusted) smoke shop. escreen. Get the Plus (3oz) They are making you give a lot more liquid now days. Been using this stuff since 2007. Worked every time. But first and foremost, I had to pray to the Most High! All Praises!! The Lord knew I needed this job, and he worked it out because I had faith. If you don’t have faith in the LORD, your results will probably come back as non human. lol. QF is one of my favorite companies in the world! I wish I could take the whole staff out to lunch with all of this money I’m going to be making. Thanks

  54. Got in an accident in a work vehicle accident. Took a test with 6.1. Passed it. immediately ordered another. Got in another accident. Grabbed the 6.1. This works and it is great. In fact, I’m online now to purchase another.

  55. I can’t thank Quickfix enough. I really screwed myself after I found out I had to take a drug test for a new job. I am a daily smoker so detoxing would have been nearly impossible. I had 3 days to come up with a game plan and I had no one to ask for clean pee, no way of detoxing, and pretty much no chance in hell to pass the test. i have heard about the synthetic urine and to be honest I thought there was NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL that would ever work. I mean surely they can detect it from the real thing? I really don’t know what genius created this product but it seriously WORKS! And now I’ve been given the opportunity of a life time. The main thing is make sure the temperature is body temperature!!!! I can not stress this enough. I’m a girl, and the easier way for this was finding a small enough bottle (travel shampoo size) that could “comfortably” fit inside to keep it to temp. hey desperate times call for desperate measures. They also provide you with a heating pad, but I suggest getting a bigger one just in case!

  56. I’ve used it several times for randoms with no problems.

    P.s I love this site I check it all the time
    Great information!!

  57. Passed using qf plus 6.1. Thanks for all the great advice on this site. Just keep the temp right and you should be good to go.

  58. Never ever wrote a review on anything before…. like ever…..
    that being said….
    THIS SHIT WORKS!!!!!! !

    Passed my urine test!!!!!!

    Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!! Greatly appreciated!!!!!

  59. Passed an e-screen drug test with quick fix plus 6.1! I was so nervous, but it worked! Start my job today. Tested on 9/6/16! Thank you Quick Fix!

  60. I have to take a pre-employment screening on Monday. I have my stash ready to go but someon brought up on another forum that when he went for his, it did pass but then the lab said they needed to test further for like glucose levels & some other shit. Has anyone heard about this or experienced anything similar? I was very confident about using it (well I still am) but am now kinda nervous regarding if they feel the need to test further

    Please help. I need to calm his anxiety down lol I really need this job

  61. Im going to be taking a drug test here anyday now to get hired on at my job. Im reading all these good reviews on quick fix but i just want to make sure its the real deal. Like if they test different in kentucky yet?

  62. This stuff really works!! Like no joke I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to pass but got the call that I passed now I’m going to start my new job Monday 🙂 thanks quickfix! Really recommend it as long as you follow directions your good like no bullshit!

  63. I had to take a 10 panel preemployment drug screen. I bought quick fix 6.1 and followed all the instructions and used it today. The girl said it would take 2-3 days for results. I’ll let you know if I pass or not!!

  64. Just for minds like mine…I’ve been waiting for 5 business days on my results. I will repost results.

  65. I took a test this morning. Had to wait 6 hrs had on leg (wish I would have read comment) my question is. My temp was 90 and tech said if this were any other lab they would not accept it for low temp. But they took it and I signed off on it. Does that mean it’s good? When they accept cuz I was nervous about the temp thing

  66. Ok so I’m unsure if I will be tested tomorrow but I want to be prepared. When I microwave it I have to remove the seal right ? So if they don’t text me tomorrow is the quick fix still good to use and for how long?

  67. Hello,

    I had my second interview with an amazing company today and I am pretty sure I got the job.

    I had bought QF plus 6.1 at a local headshop in Florida, but just to be sure I bought one right from their website and got it shipped overnight.

    Has anyone tried this out in Florida?? I really need this job, can anyone please let me know or give me any tips? Will update this next time I have news.

  68. I passed the test!!! Thanks to God and quickfix, I will definitely refer anyone in need of help. They just need to legalize it for goodness sake!

  69. I am heavy smoker about a O a week, i have tried all the detox drinks from large brand stores and none have worked, purchaded QF wore a pair of compression shorts and put the bottle up and under…after about a hour it was at 94 didnt even have to use heating pads, but also i am 6″2 250lbs and i sweat alot. Best purchase i ever made, key to make sure temp is right

  70. QuickFix 6.1 is the real deal. I just had a 5 and 10 panel done and passed with flying colors. I just recently started smoking so I’ve always taken drug tests with absolutely no stress. This was nerve wracking and my anxiety was through the roof. I had to have a physical while I was at the clinic and even my blood pressure was high.
    I took two bottle of QF with me. I made sure they were both over 100 degrees and added the heating pack with a rubber band, put them in small socks and stuck one in each side of my bra. I wore a dress and didn’t take anything into the clinic with me except for my ID.
    I did make sure to check the temps before I went in because they were both pretty hot. I let them cool down before I went in.
    I’m very impressed and so grateful for this product. What a life saver!!!!

  71. I had 3 days to report to the Pre-Employment Drug Screen center before my dream job offer expired. I smoke weed only but would have failed for certain. This is a 5-panel (6405N SAP 5-50/2000 conducted by Quest Labs in Indiana). I hopped on the internet and ordered Quick Fix Formula 6.1 Plus (the plus gets you the 3rd ounce of liquid which I recommend). Make sure you get a fresh batch (not some old version on Ebay).

    Heated the fluid and took it to the testing center in a thermos to keep it at 100 degrees. Fortunately, Harbor Bay men’s boxer shorts has a ‘pouch’ sewn in that lets you slide the bottle down the front slot and under your balls. I put on a second pair of the exact same underwear over that for heat and drop protection. After 10 minutes the sample was a perfect 98 degrees. This test had a question “Read Specimen temperature within 4 minutes. Is temperature between 90-100?”. I had yes on my form.

    I passed and got the job! Get the 3 ounces, practice the procedure a few times to get your confidence up, dont actually piss at the Drug Screen. You are not there to pee, you are there to pass. Carefully pour some of the liquid into the vial and pour the rest slowing into the toilet to create that peeing sound.

    Its not illegal to fail a drug test. It is not illegal to purchase “fetish urine”. The war on weed is illegal! And for that, I am posting to support the cause. This stuff works folks!

  72. I took my test 2 days ago with QF 6.1 plus and still waiting on the test results, I am so stressed because I can’t stop thinking about it! Lol should I have found out by now

  73. They smelt it and said they cannot accept the sample! If it is illegal please tell me how to get them in trouble for refusing thanks

  74. This stuff works. just passed 12/17/2016 with a eScreen/eCup. did my research and these were instant results. just keep the temperture warm. i would suggest warming it up a bit warmer then usual. 12-15 seconds then waiting for it to cool down. then sticking under your goooch (men) and women yall are smarter anyways youll figure it out. BUT IT WORKS. test results came back withing 5 mins. i guess i was freaking out and didnt know that but i got my b check back today and it had all the results on it even stating it was done within 6 mins. no lab no nothing. and even if it did go into a lab it would pass. it works.. just make sure temperture is right and shake bottle before you squeeze in cup. used quickfix 6.1 3oz.

  75. This was my first time using QF 6.1 plus. I was very skeptical about if the reviews were real and if this product worked. I had no choice I had a drug test coming up for a very big job that I needed to land. So I got Qf 6.1 and follow the instructions to a T and subbed for my drug test. Took the test on 1/9/17 just got word today for my employer that my background and drug screen cleared! Thanks QF this really is a life saver. I will always use and recommend. Buy from a head shop like me or order online from the actual site and verify batch number. You will be fine, stay blessed everyone

  76. I just took a test using the quick fix plus and peed in the toilet of blue dye, does the blue dye test the urine in the toilet?

  77. Used it today, passed with flying colors. Just remove everything if you also have a physical! Hernia check and you’re screwed if it’s still strapped.. Follow direction and you’re set, I’ll recommend to everyone I know who could use it.

  78. Once again quick fix 6.1 passes with flying colors at the lab. If you have any doubts, quick fix all the way, also if for pain mngmnt just add a small amount of current script crushed up before microwaving and your good to go worked for me perfect today.

  79. First time buyer…. Everything went well was able to maintain a 98 degree temp. Was not tested on the spot it was sent out to a lab. I won’t get my test results till Monday or Tuesday because of the holiday.

  80. HOLY SHIT IT WORKED! QF definitely saved my career and so much more. As long as you get the temp right you’re golden! I recommend it to anyone!

  81. Ive read all of these reviews, and Im about to order this because my husband needs to take a pre-employment drug screen by the 3rd, I truly hope this works for him because this job could truly change things for the better for us, I see people have said they used it for a 5 – 10 panel test but what about a 12panel test, Will it still work ????

  82. Real person, very real situation! Thought I would lose my job, then, I found quick fix. Super sceptical about it, but after a 21 day detox showing positive thc test results, I had no choice. It totally works! Already bought another bottle!

  83. Same story as a lot of people here where I was offered my dream job contingent upon successful completion of a drug test and detox was not an option based on me being a heavy user. I live in Colorado where a joint is basically the same as a beer and EVERYONE smokes. I was concerned about the lab test and that this is a legal state where I thought they would just expect everyone to try and cheat.

    I put the QF 6.1 3oz in my underwear and just allowed my body heat do the rest (no microwave). I wore a skirt to not draw suspicion and had no issues pouring it in the container. I was concerned the lack of smell could be a warning flag to the lab tech, but there was a flip lid on the container so I sealed it myself. The guy didn’t even check the temp since I was in business attire and had my laptop to do work while I waited. I don’t think it was necessary, but it did help that I made myself seem like a business professional in a hurry to get back to the office.

    Got a response from the company today that my test came back clear. The anxiety about this was so high…my best recommendation is to act professional, make some jokes with the tech and DO NOT ACT NERVOUS. There was recently an article in the Denver Post about QF and success rates, and the techs interviewed said the only real way to catch synthetic urine is to catch it at the time of collection. Just get it to temp, get it in the container and charm your way through suspicion. The product itself is reliable and will work if you don’t fail.

  84. Successfully passed! The quick fix I used was about 8 months old as well but verified good batch!!

  85. Hello,
    Great information here. I have my test tomorrow and I am very worry about it. The reviews are promising I just don’t believe anything until I see. I will post my result in one week from now.

  86. I have been a nervous wreck for the past two weeks when I found out I had a drug test. Tried quickly detoxing and kept failing so I order the Quickfix 6.1 from quickfixurineplus.com. They are very helpful if you have any questions at all. Took the test on Tuesday, heated it for 10 seconds in the microwave and put it in my underwear until the test. Then I got to the bathroom at the facility and accidentally forgot to shake it before I poured it into the cup. Just got a call saying I passed!!!! Very reliable product and I highly recommend to anyone looking to sub.

  87. I’ve been online for hours looking for a solution and so far as I can tell this is the only one that will work wish me luck

  88. So I’m here to tell my story on using Quick Fix 6.1. Like most, I had a dream job offer that would change the way I live. I have been looking for a job for some time and then found one. But I smoked a few bowls for a few days because I didn’t think I would find a job any time soon.. When the time came I was already a month past from when i smoked. I took home THC test and i got the green light. I was wroking out and drinking water all the time. I thought I was good to go no problem. The day before the test I did another at home test. Shows I would fail, so i got the Quick Fix out of my car and said well to hell with it. So being nervous was not even close to how I was feeling. All these reviews show they passed and it works so great. I had to go to Quest Diagnostics for the test I had. I did everything right, I kept the temp at 98 and played it cool. I had some briefs on, and on the inside you will see a place with two flaps. Well I closed one side off and made a small opening on the other. It worked perfect, I was in business clothes and it fit perfect on the side on my junk. Got in and pee then put the urine in the cup and the temp was right on the money. After I talked to the guy and we both joked. He looked at the temp right off the bat when i got out the door. He even kept looking at the pee like I was freaking out on the inside. he just put it in a bottle and said sign this and you’re good to go. So that night, no sleep at all. my mind would not stop thinking everything was going to fail. they were going to find out it was fake and I would lose everything. I already gave my two weeks notice, they already have someone in line to take my place. So yeah all will be lost, it’s not like i can say can i have my job back because I could not pass a piss test. The next day I got an email saying update to my application and to login and view. It said I was hired and to fill out my payroll and tax form. Quick Fix saved my ass and I got my dream job. I got another one and will always keep it in my car.

  89. I just used this and passed a test and got the job! Make sure the temp is right. Also don’t count on the sound of running water to cover up the sound or lack thereof, because the water was shut off for the sink and the toilet. And ladies, if you are blessed like me, a little microwaving and some time bra time will be perfect temp wise. I also smuggled mine in tucked under a DDD. Finally they do something useful!

  90. I want to share my recent experience with Quick Fix 6.2. I definitely works!! As long as you get the temp right and the tech checks the box that you’re within the range, you are good to go! The comment above about the labs not being able to reject your sample because of smell or foam is correct. I am living proof of that! It took one full week to get my results back. I’ve taken tests with my own pee while I was clean and they always came back within 24 hours. Why did this one take longer? I believe it went through rigorous testing. For a pre-employment test, the simple dip is done first. If it comes back negative yet the lab thinks something is wrong with it, they put it through another test. It’s a steam test or something like that. This will test the contents such as urea, ph, etc…Since Quick Fix contains everything that normal pee does, the lab has to pass you even if they think it’s synthetic. It was a very stressful week, stressful enough to make me question if I want to continue to smoke. I use it to calm my nerves to sleep. When I’m not smoking, I have a hard time sleeping and I grind my teeth. It’s tough to get up and go to work in the morning after 2 hours of sleep, so I smoke and I’ve been a smoker for almost 30 years. I don’t want to take government pills as a substitute, but our employment process sucks! I have multiple degrees, make over six figures, rarely take vacations and never call in sick. What I do on my own time is nobody’s business. My advice to whomever is reading this, try not to stress. I know it’s easier said than done, but it will just make things worse. Stay positive and if you do things right in life, things work out. Good luck all!

  91. Can I re microwave quick fix 6.2 ? I warmed it up thinking i had a DT today. Turns out possibly next week. Re microwaving it won’t hurt the product ?

  92. Had a pre employment 10 panel and got some quickfix plus 6.2 and passed. I wanted to post this in a few spots because I started combing around and got worried. This was my first time and I thought it was difficult to figure if some sites and reviews were shills and marketing, and of course the interviews with the labs felt as if they were using scare tactics about it being caught. But would use become a crime if it didnt? The worst was the people in forums asking advice and never updating on it. I get the moving on with life part but it just cranked up my fear about attempting this or not. I just wanted to post something current and unbiased on my experience, hope it helps someone in my former position.

  93. It works. Str8 up! I was a nervous wreck when I finally got to use it for myself after MONTHS of reviews and searches just to be sure it works. So it was finally my time to try it out and I was emailed back about 2 or 3 hours after the pre employment piss test with paperwork from H.R. of my new, great job. No lie, I was so surprised at how simple it all really was. Follow the directions, and then boom!…YOU’RE EMPLOYED! Good luck everyone. Just know with the Quick Fix, your luck is boosted by 99.9% Fuck it, it’s boosted to 100%. I’m that sure. And, I’m happily EMPLOYED!

  94. Just wanted to let anyone who wanted to know thay Quick Fix 6.2 worked for me at Quest. They sent it to the lab and passed every test they used. The sample was sent to NY. It does work if you follow directions. Sure, I may be an exception but considering how well it did in the lab and my success with it, it may be worth a shot if in a pickle

  95. Used Quickfix 6.2 and passed my test! *Happy dance* the test was sent to the lab. Get the temp right and you are good to go. Well worth the money and it gave me enough for 2 test. I heated it up in the microwave and rubberbanded the heat pack to it. My test was 2 hours later. I wore a bulky sweater and just stuffed it in my bra. They had me empty my pockets before the test. I was sooo nervous but it worked. I got my good job!

  96. Got word I am starting an awesome job next week because I totally deserve it and Quick Fix 6.2 works like a charm at QD. Guaranteed I am a real authentic person that is only posting this to ease your worried mind. These guys have it all figured out, just practice with your temp and then let science do the rest.

    Thank you Spectrum Labs! You truly are a lifesaver.

  97. This stuff works just tuck it away in compression shorts and use the hand warmer about an hour before and you ate golden. Got me a great job and deff couldnt have done it wothout quick fix pkus! Lifesaver

  98. I’ve smoked very regularly for the last 5 years and by the time I knew I would need to drug test I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it out of my system in time, or at least I didn’t want to chance it! I had never heard of synthetic urine before talking to someone about needing to do a test! I read looooooots of reviews before deciding to purchase and which brand to purchase. I’m a bit of a goody goody, this seemed sooooo sketchy to me and felt so wrong, but I also needed this job and feel that what I do outside of work is not my employers business! So I purchased Quick Fix! I took the Tuesday. Put the bottle in my bra about 2 to 3 hours before going in and it was perfect temp when I checked in parking lot before going in. No heat pack needed, though I had it ready just in case! The only thing I forgot to do was shake it before pouring into cup, but I just got a call from my employer and I passed!! I really do think that as long as you get it to the right temp and get the right product FROM the manufactuer, you’re good!!! So nerve wrecking waiting for results, but it worked! Thank you so much quick fix, you’re a life saver! I highly recommend this product to any heavy smokers, it’s well worth the money!

  99. This product is honesty unbelievable. I work at a place with randoms even though weed is legalized. Have used quick fix 4 times and my buddy has used it an additional 5. We have never had any issues. Even the couple times it has been sent to a lab it’s passed. Can’t stress enough the need to practice. When you get there you feel extremely anxious like you are doing something wrong. Easy to make a mistake if your not prepared. Make sure you check before you enter the testing area that your temp is good

  100. Just got my results back and I GOT THE JOB. I was so stressed out because I really wanted this job. Was sent to lab on Wednesday, got the email I passed Monday. Verified batch number when I bought it. I am so grateful!!

  101. Is there supposed to be stuff floating in the bottle? Never really examined piss before but my bottle i bought ~8mos ago has small stringlike floaties in it.

  102. Hey guys i just to the quick fix test and it was so smooth but you really need to be quick. I heated up my bottle for 20 seconds in the microwave right before leaving (this was an accident but it ended up working- i meant to just put it for 10-12 seconds). Then i waited for the green dot to appear under the 100 degree marker and attached a Hot Hands hand warmer (i bought these for 70 cents at Walmart and this is what i used to practice so i also took the same hand warmer brand to the test as well). I put it in my crotch area and layered up with 2 tight pair of spandex. I sat in the waiting room for about 20 minutes before i was called in. I was asked to provide my preemployment drug screen paperwork and picked a cup to pee in. I was escorted to the bathroom and emptied out my pockets. I was told to wash my hands with soap and to not flush the toilet or run the water while i was peeing in the cup. I whipped out my quick fix and the temperature strip did not have a green dot (it was over 100 degrees) BUT DONT PANIC. The moment i removed the heat pack it started dropping and the green dot appeared under the 100 degree marker. I waited another minute to see if the temp would go down and it appeared to be 98 degrees, i quickly gathered my stuff because I felt like i was running out of time and i poured it into the cup (without shaking the bottle to create bubbles because i forgot) … since they legally cannot question the way it looks it didnt matter. I looked at the temperature strip on the cup and it read 96 degrees! I was golden! I put the empty bottle and materials back in my crotch and told them I was done and she checked the strip and everything was good. I got a paper stating my pee was valid and now I’m just waiting on results but im feeling pretty confident!

    1. Definitely practice at least two or three times
    2. Stay calm (just follow the directions and you’re okay- even if the temp is a little higher YOU ARE FINE, just let it cool down for a sec and remove the heat pack)
    3. And be quick!!

  103. I was offered a wonderful job with a sign on bonus. The problem was i was Dirty and didn’t have enough time to clean my system gave me a week to figure out what needed to be done. I looked and Search so many threads about this quick fix puls decided to try it. I can’t lie I was really skeptical about it very worried when I did it. I took the test may 17th I ended up getting word from labcorp by email that the test was cancelled or expired . Didn’t know what that meant so I called the 1 800 number with the email and I spoke to representative and I asked her what did that mean she told me to give her my social security number so she could search my results once I’ve done that she searched up my results and told me that urine sample is negative no positive substance in it.God KNEW HOW BAD I NEEDED THIS JOB. EVEN STOPPED SMOKING DUE TO STRESS. Start my job may 29th. I can’t thank quick fix enough for what they’ve done for me

  104. I just took a drug screening for a pre-employment to get a new job. I took the test at Labcorp using the Quick Fix 6.2. I am so thankful to say I passed!! I was so stressed and worried, I read every thread about quick fix and was still skeptical. It did work and passed with no issues. Just make sure the temperature is right and check your batch number to be sure it is good.

  105. Took a drug test at labcorp last week using quick fix for the very first time , I hear good things so hopefully I pass!

  106. Used Quick Fix 6.2, worked like a dream!

    Buy directly from the site and make sure to call in to check your batchnorder(To verify it isn’t expired). Follow the instructions, make sure the temp is in range and you are golden!

    My test was completed at Labcorp.

    1. Yes make sure your batch is valid and not in recall. bought some from local smoke shop that had a bad batch. Luckily the test came back unreadable, so I bought from site. Waiting on results now jan 24, 2019

  107. Quick Fix 6.2 works! Follow the directions. Read the reviews, stay calm and just do it. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking. Thinking too much definitely doesn’t help. If you’re using quick fix for a physical, it might not pass. They may look for the various components of your urine that aren’t in the quick fix. Proteins and Glucose wont show up. It is balanced for ph, specific gravity, and has creatinine. It also has urice acid, Urea and a few other components of natural urine. But some doctor’s offices look for your overall health. They wont be able to measure it with the quick fix because it doesnt have ALL of the components a human body would. The detox drinks are really good. Quick Clear i think is what it’s called. They work and they last 5 hours! That way you pass your test and they don’t suspect a UTI or something like that. Just some tips from personal experience!

  108. Whoot ! Whoot!!!! I passed my drug test !!!! Thank you quick fix !!!! First time ever using this and it saved my ass!!!!! 2018 at concentra in California !!!!

  109. It works!!! I passed my drug test in August of 2018 using Quick fix 6.2 plus the 3 oz bottle. The heat pack though was a little bad I guess even though it says it last up to 10 hours! But yeah they even sent my “pee” to the lab and still passed, I thought for sure I was screwedbut nah my job contacted me and said I’m good to go. Such a damn relief I was sweating it for days I went on Monday and they gave me results Friday! Wtf! But yeah Quick Fix worked for me just use the microve for like 10 seconds depending on the power of your microve! Then shake the heat pack really well and rubber band it up ,You’ll be fine I used a rubber band it came with to tie around my pants buckle for it was attached really well. Then just did it and I was good to go! It works enjoy the blunt and bowls and just use Quick fix 6.2 plus

  110. Ive used this product one time before and it work but now I got another random this year so hopefully it does the trick again. I’m way less nervous this time I can say that! I’ll update you all Monday .

  111. bought it right off quickfixurine.com, it arrived, i checked the batch and it was valid. today was my drug test, got the results and i PASSED!!!! got the job, super excited!!!😊😊😊😊 IT WAS EASY AS CAKE TO SUB MY PEE! really, this process is as simple as can be. just follow the instructions, seriously WAY beyond simple and i overthink everything. too easy. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!

  112. I received a contingent job offer – pending my drug test and background check. I wanted this job more than anything. I have a medical marijuana card and get high to manage anxiety 3-4 times a week. I was absolutely panicked over this test. Could barely eat I was so nauseous. I couldn’t sleep. I learned about Quick Fix 6.2 and decided I needed a backup plan. Using it was something I never thought I was capable of. I was so so incredibly nervous – everything was on the line for this one test. I followed the instructions and it passed. It is AMAZING and worth every single penny.

  113. Just like everyone else, I was offered a dream job that I wasn’t expecting. I haven’t been piss tested for a job in more than 15 years. I’m a white collar professional with a post-grad degree. I smoke regularly but not at work ever and intellectually, I was mad that what I did on my own time last month was on the list of reasons I might not get this job. I’m female so I just put a 3 oz bottle of QF in my crotch about an hour before the test. I was SHAKING but there wasn’t any type of issue at collection. It was the perfect temperature, I just unscrewed the entire top to pour in the cup so the bottle didn’t make a noise, and I was in and out in the 4 minutes I was given. I made sure to practice first. I tried to play as cool as possible for a goody two shoes and I signed for it and that was it; there didn’t seem to be a collection issue and it was put in a bag and sent off. The test was today. It was an Alere escreen 10 panel and I am so, so, so anxious waiting to see if I passed! The wait is absolutely killing me because I know it is being sent out to a lab. I hope you all are correct about how well QF works.

  114. I passed 1st time using. Have the balls to go in concealing it and you will be good. Of course your shitting bricks, but the end result is the best feeling. Temperature will get you caught if your slipping, but if you keep the temp right you are good. I took the test 7/20/19. My life has changed, when I passed.

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