What’s New in The Testing Industry? UREA!

quickfixurine.com has released the following statement,

We’ve received a lot of questions about urea lately—it’s time for us to give everyone an answer. What we’re asked daily is, “can labs detect synthetic urine?” The answer is that labs have begun to test samples for the presence of urea. Many other synthetic urine manufacturers have claimed that urea and uric acid are the same thing, but in reality, they’re not. Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers’ claims about uric acid; if some labs don’t detect urea in a sample, they will report that the sample is non-human or invalid. Not all synthetic urines contain urea, but you can be assured that Quick Fix Urine will stand up to the test.

To sum this up, this means Uric Acid and Urea are two different bio-chemicals that are being tested for in urine, it you don’t have urea now the labs will flag your test invalid or inconclusive when doing validity testing and they can’t detect the presence of urea. Some other synthetic urine companies are trying to say now uric acid and urea are the same, and I can say from a science background that they are not! If it doesn’t say urea don’t use it.

Now because Urea is very unstable and breaks down quickly, most synthetic urine manufactures can’t produce a synthetic urine that can maintain a stable shelf with urea in it.  Quick Fix Urine is the only product with urea that has the longest shelf life. All other current products on the market that contain urea at this time are single use only, this means once you’ve opened it and heated it up, if you don’t use it, it will go bad quickly since the urea is breaking down and bacteria and orgasms can begin to grow. Quick Fix Urine is able to maintain a stable two year shelf live since they’ve patented a synthetic urine that uses biocide, which is a natural preservative that protect the synthetic urine from biological infestation and growth. This was on the patent,

This invention relates to a composition and method of manufacturing urea-based synthetic urine. More specifically, the synthetic urine includes biocides to allow for increased shelf stability.

Spectrum labs patent now allows them the ONLY method of manufacturing Urea-based synthetic urine with a biocide, which allows for the longest shelf-life. What might surprise a lot of people is yes, there is patented synthetic urine on the market, and there has been expensive law suits were spectrum labs has shut down synthetic urine manufactures for violating their patents.

Before you use any synthetic urine, make sure yours contain urea now. The only synthetic urines I know of at this time that contain urea are Quick Fix Urine, Xstream Urine, Golden Flask Urine, and Perfect Urine.



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