The Sham Of Drug Testing For Benefits

Forbes has an article out talking about who benefits from drug testing, besides them and their cronies? The article touched on the fact that drug testing is big business and groups are pushing hard to make sure as many drug test should be done as possible.

At a cost of ~$45 per drug screen, it would cost ~$5,431,995,000 to screen all 120,711,000 full-time employees. As Dr. Lundberg stated, “This is terrific for the laboratory industry and all the attorneys who will argue these cases . . . but should we spend that kind of money?’ He wrote. ‘In fact, we have not found one proper cost-benefit analysis of this process’ in the medical literature.” Dr. Lundberg, among others, has expressed outrage at “chemical McCarthyism.

Even one politician pushing for drug testing was found to have a financial stake if his state started drug testing for welfare.

Conveniently, Rick Scott pushed mandatory drug testing—provided, in part, by his wife’s company, Solantic. Scott transferred his $62 million stake in the company to his wife only a few months before mandating drug testing for state employees and welfare recipients. Many companies provide drug testing, including Quest, LabCorps, Roche, and Mobile Diagnostic Testing. There are programs by DATIA and others on how to start your own testing business or become a contractor.


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