XStream Synthetic Urine Review

xstream-synthetic-urine-boxXStream Fetish Urine is new fake urine that caught my eye one day when we ordered some for calibration of our equipment and to test it’s quality. Like most synthetic urine’s on the market, XStream Urine is 100% drug metabolite free and requires no mixing and is ready-to-use out of the box after a quick ten seconds in he microwave.

The results came back for balanced pH, specific gravity, creatinine, uric acid, urea, amino acids, protein,and few other urine characteristics. What really separated this synthetic urine from the others on the market was it actually smells like urine and foams when shaken up.

Unlike quick fix urine that can be reheated unlimited times before your, Xstream urine is a single use only, meaning once opened and heated must discard or used quickly.

While I’ve said before that labs can NOT LEGALLY REJECT OR FAIL urine samples because of lack of foam or smell, if you paranoid about not having that urine smell or foam this if the product to use.


 XStream Synthetic Urine before and after shaken photos

XStream Urine Bottle unshaken

XStream foams like urine when shaken

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  1. Maan I dont care what anyone says if soMeone says that it does not work they are a lier i used this product with a testing cup and the lab and it passed both tiMes i have a good job and just took the drug test a week ago so YES THIS PRODUCT ACTUALLY WORKS I THANK GOD FOR THIS SYNTHETIC URINE IT GAVE ME AN INCOME AND A PEACE OF MIND

    1. This work everytime I even used a reheated one difference is I put it in the microwave because the process here literally take hours. 100% PASS GUARANTEED

    2. I was very hesitant at first. Like this job was very important, big company. I took a gamble, even though the reviews were very good. I tried it and it went off without a problem. Just wanted to say thank you!! This definitely works 💯 2018review

  2. I used this product for a pre employment drug screen and it went to Labcorp to be tested. It took 4 days but it worked and came back negative. This stuff is amazing and I recommend it to anyone

    1. I’m nervous about using this stuff, I live in Oregon and I’ve heard they can test to see if the sample is synthetic. If I don’t get this job I’m screwed

      1. The big ones they look for now are Urea, Uric Acid, and Creatine. If those are there and the pH is right you should be golden. It even looks right. Tastes fantastic too. Yum!

  3. I use this stuff all the time and it works great. I’m just wondering if u refrigerate it after opening it and letting it get body temp warm could u reuse it??

    1. If it says on the package one use then I definitely wouldn’t risk it. Esp when you consider the fact that it’s as cheap as it is. I paid $20 for mine. I haven’t seen any other products that work correctly for under $50-75. Every other product I’ve seen in the $20-30 range has had sob stories attached to it. I have no problem ponying up $20 every time I need one.

  4. I’ve got an upcoming pre employment test on Tuesday and have a wiz belt as well as a fill pack of X stream. I know it’s to be lab tested, so this product will safely work so long as I temp it correctly, yes or no??
    Otherwise I’ve got a rigorous detox I’m doing for the next couple days

  5. Says good for 24 to 48 hrs after opening and you can warm it up as many times as needed. …I missed my window of opportunity. .. do you think it will be fine if I keep it at suggested temp over night then take test in morning? ??

    1. Yeah, you should be fine. I’ve heard the product is good for a week or more, just the manufacture recommends you use it quickly.

  6. Hey guys so I took a random 13 panel drug test yesterday at work. Used xstream, at the right temp and everything. But it came back positive for SUB. Suboxone? Never taken it. And they’re sending my specimen off to the lab. I’ve been trying to,find something on why the Fuck I failed and what little I did find it said that the synthetic had small Suboxone metabolites in it to help with the passing of opiates? If ANYONE knowS anything about this in would be GREATLY appreciated. IM FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.

    1. It wasn’t xstream, it was cheap 13 panel drug test they used.. Those test panels are prone to false positives ALOT , you’ll be fine once it hit the labs. Update us when you hear back.

      1. I used to test positive for meth a lot and never touched it. Don’t sweat it. They’ll come back with a negative after the lab checks it.

        1. Yep, the test panels are a joke these days.. Most places are buying the cheapest Chinese made test panels they can find.

  7. This was a life saver. I do have two bits of advice. First, follow the directions. The key is temperature. If you follow instructions you’ll be golden (pun intended). Second, when you heat up the bottle, it is CRUCIAL that you remove all of the foil seal on the top of the bottle. I didn’t. It arced in the microwave and fouled the sample, so I had to rush back to the store and hope to god they had more. Thankfully they did.

  8. I have not broken the seal on the bottle yet but I had the product in my bra anticipating notification to be tested. The product did get warm so is it still usable??

      1. Why can’t it be used after the foil is off? If it’s just water with additives then it shouldn work anytime even after the foil has been off right? Or does it actually spoil or go bad?

        1. Xstream contains no preservatives or biocide to protect xstream from long term storage once it’s exposed to the air. Once exposed bacteria and other orgasms can begin growing that can interfere with testing, that is why they recommend you used it quickly.

  9. AMAZING STUFF!!! super easy to use and I passed with flying colors. This product, because of my lack of wheel power, gave me a wonderful salary based job. Thank you so much!!!!!

  10. passed for my workers comp claim used xstream,. tested again this
    morning for pre employment . confident im good!!

    1. This makes me feel a little better. Got a whiz quiz coming up and I could only get my hands on XStream I hope I’m good.

  11. Seems like the temperature strip may be off.. Read 100 degrees on my bottle, but only 96 in the test cup, within about ten-twenty seconds between unzipping and pouring. The temperature is key! I can say it did look and smell like the real deal too. I like the good reviews here, hopefully I can be a part of the passers. Dream job status.

    1. I’ve done many home dry runs regarding temperature loss. There is always about a 4 deg drop in temp when transferring to the collection cup. Why? because the cup is cooler than your Synthetic Urine, so you have to account for heat transfer.

      If your Synthetic strip is reading, oh, say 98 – 102, your fine prior to transfer.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Did it work for you, Lee?
      I have to wait a week to get my results from a lab. I was awful skeptical about using this stuff. Hoping for the best, as well.

  12. I used this product yesterday for a pre-employment drug screen. I followed the directions perfectly and it worked just as the other reviews have stated. If you get the temperature right your golden. I would definitely recommend this product and will use it again myself.

  13. Just used this product and passed my pee pee test. Follow the directions like told too except keeping the heating pack on. Mine was reading 100 before I entered the test room so I removed the heat pad. By time I took the test the temp said 96 on the bottle when I dumped the xstream in the temp was just above the 90 mark when I gave to tester.It passed the temp but barely….KEEP THE HEATING PAD ON IT…

  14. THIS WORKS!!! The person got the job after taking the urine test. Results came back within 2 days.
    I suggest double underwear for men, briefs and boxer briefs. The bottle never read ‘green’ but more like a blueish hue. After nuking, using the handwarmers and putting it in the car seat warmers as well, it arrived at the testing site at 100 degrees. Waited 30 minutes and it read 96 when it was given.

    A lot of maneuvering but totally worth it!

  15. So what happens if you use after you taken the foil seal off and tested it then used the same bottle after approximately 4 months of storage(in a drawer) would you still pass and if not, why not?

    1. Xstream contains no preservatives or biocide to protect xstream from long term storage once it’s exposed to the air. Once exposed bacteria and other orgasms can begin growing that can interfere with testing, that is why they recommend you used it quickly.

      1. What if you squeeze the bottle till there is no oxygen left in it and keep it at room temperature. Then how could bacteria form if all the oxygen is pushed out of it after the seal has been broken? Is there any way to detect spoiled or out dated synthetic urine?
        States on the package product mo good after 48 hours. I dont see why it wouldn’t work for 72 hours as long as it is taken care of properly.

  16. So i knew i had a drug test for a job coming up. I was 38 days clean, and still pissing dirty on at home test strips. I had xstream for and emergency back up. I went to sauna for 30 min plus for a month, sometimes twice a day. I incidentally heated it to long in the mircowave, so no temp was readable. I had to be there on time. Left it by itself for a 5min car ride there. Put warmer on it and walked in, had to wait about 10 min tops, they sent it to lab and it worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  17. I like x stream compared to monkey whizz because of x streams price. It’s 24.99(plastic flask) at my local head shop compared to $50 for monkey (Velcro belt bladder). I’ve used both products and they work. If u get supervised screens you better look into a prosthetic. Ask questions knowledge is power.

  18. I had to take my foil off as well due to I have obersved UAs and have to use my own rig, problem is the UAs are random in my situation. Hope it stays good for a week or two at least (always used quick fix before and it worked and lasted forever but my local head shop carries this brand now). Will report back.

  19. I’ve had x stream 3months. The seal hasn’t been broken but I keep in my car so it’s been heated. I have wiz quiz coming up. Will I be ok to use it?

  20. Question i went to the place yestetday (wed at about 5pm) they couldn’t do the physical so I’m.going back Friday morning.
    However I took the seal off.. I put it in the fridge when I got home.. Should it still work?? Really need this job..

  21. I have a pee test in 4 hours and bought this stuff last night. I live 45 min away from test site? Will it stay up to temp if I microwave it befor I leave?

  22. Hey guys, this forum really put my kind at ease. I was about to use Magnum..but I looked at the box and it said 2008. And this version didn’t have the little uric acid vial which I heard the newer versions have..so I was literally panicking because this job is literally going to save my life and keep a roof over the head of my family..so I googled this little head shop nearby and they said all they had was xstream.. Never heard of it before so I did another google search and found this sub. My heart became filled with joy reading all these positive reviews.. At the testing place I had two bottles on my nuts just in case but this place didn’t have any running water and I took the heating pads off before going in thinking my nuts would be enough to keep them at the right temp..when I took out one of the bottles in the bathroom I saw that it was in the 95 range so I sort of panicked a little and quickly poured it in the sample cup without shaking it or even bothering to pour in any of the other bottle I had..I was trying to make it seem as natural as possible because this place shut off the water to the faucet and the toilet was set not to flush..so I was in and out quick with a small sample just above the marked line.. I thought to myself “oh shit no bubbles!” as I handed him the specimen..then I did a lite research afterward and saw that having no bubbles is common among people with low protein diets..I’m just hoping that me forgetting to shake it won’t ruin the test..funny thing as I went back to my car and was taking the temperature on the remaining bottle (it was 94 degrees whew!) the same nurse who gave me the test was creeping up behind my car to get to his car to go to lunch! FUCK that was close! I hope he didn’t see me to taking the temp of the fake urine in the bottle with a digital thermometer! Anyway, great forum and ill update with the results! Anyone else forget to shake and pass??

  23. I was scared to death. My friend used it 3xs and passed by I was still terrified. But it sure did pass. Couldn’t be more pleased..had my job orientation yesterday!!!

  24. I know this is a common question. .. but I haven’t took the top off or broke the seal but I did put the heating pad on it but I didn’t have to use it….. is it still usable? I have to take a test tomorrow morning

  25. Does Xstream actually smell like urine when opened! I used Quick Fix in the past but the lady was busting my balls because “it didn’t smell”.

  26. just opened the package and heated in microwave to test temp strip. Test is in a couple of hours. Hope this works.

  27. Planning to use Xstream.
    I have researched methods and different experiences all day, my major concerns will be with the Specimen Validity Testing and my general lack of knowledge of this products ingredients. Will this product show appropriate pH, creatinine, SG, and any other levels my urine SHOULD have?

  28. I bought it and heated it up in the microwave, but by the time I got to there, the testing site was closed. Can I still use it tmrw morning when they open even though I microwaved it like really hot today?

  29. I took a piss test today, passed it. It’s cold where I live so what I did was wear a pair of long johns under baggy sweat pants, with long nike socks and put the fake pee in between the long johns and sock, with the heating pad. Warmed it at 650 a.m. took my daughter to school at 715, got to testing place at 745, took test around 810. Passed. Temp was perfect.

  30. I used this product plenty of times and it worked but this time I took the seal off and heated it thinking I was gone have to to take a test Monday for new employment but I didn’t..how long is it still good for?

        1. Yes they can see the bacteria if they test for it, this is not bad. Normal urine grows bacteria slowly once it leaves the body.

    1. As long as the bottle was not exposed to direct sun light it will be fine.. If it was exposed to direct sun light, then the UV rays damages broke done the chemicals inside the bottle.

  31. Hey there, I’m sure it’ll be fine I just have to ask to calm the mind. I opened my xstream Friday but turns out I wont need it until the following Monday. So roughly 72 hours it will have been (tomorrow). I placed the bottle in the fridge for now and will be heating it back up tomorrow. Will I still be good?

    1. Not at all, bacteria can grow in urine naturally once a sample it given. The issue is that is can interfere with the results. So the longer it’s open and not used the more likely the results can be inconclusive.

  32. i have a doctors apt tomorrow where they will piss test me for health reasons, my dad on the other hand will also ask them to use it as a drug test. will this product also work if i were to use it for regular pee test even if they dont look for thc?

    1. That’s a bad idea. If you taking a urine test for health reasons don’t sub with a synthetic, they need real results to test you health and something can be missed.

  33. Good up to date forum.
    Curious about xstream, looking to it over quickfix because it claims to contain uric acid.
    The only apprehension is that it contains all the stuff it says it does. Does it contain the right PH, S.G., creatinine,
    And more importantly and recently, urea and uric acid? I know it claims to, looking for more verification. Thanks

      1. I bought the 11.0 version. Is that the newest best one? Or a fake? In lab tests they can’t tell it’s synthetic? It says to mic fir 10 sec as well.. that won’t wreck the temp strip?

  34. Hey Insider I bought this a month ago and I opened it once. Its been stored while closed since then and i have a test coming up in a week can I still use it?

    If not is there anyway to tell if it is bad?

    1. That’s hard to say, the manufacture recommends you use it quickly after opening it, because once the seal it broke bacteria can begin to grow which could interfere with the results.

      As for anyway to tell if it’s bad, only way you’ll know is if you run a serious of test which cost more then the product cost.

  35. how would i know if i got the real version of xstream i had bought one a couple weeeks ago , but looking at the pictures you have on top with temp strip mine looks totally different , it starts at 80 and ends at 100 not 102 or anything .

  36. Used this stuff a few times works great even in laboratory test, only problem is Amazon quit selling it. Does anyone know where to get this online?

    1. Just wanna say it DOES work . I passed my drug test with no problems and I start my job soon! Thanks to Xstream

  37. Bought product 2 weeks ago removed foil cap prepared for the ua for the job didn’t get tested that day went back today used the same opened bottle from before and passed with flying colors..
    As long as the temp is between 90-100 degrees you have nothing to worry about

  38. I have two bottles that didn’t get used when I expected they would. Now its about a month passed the expiration date. Still good???

  39. I am really nervous about this. I used Xstream synthetic urine for a drug test this past Friday and everything seemed to go fine. Until the lady told me to watch her label the vials and after she put the label on she turned to the other lady in the room and says “do you see that?” What the heck did that mean? Was there something amiss? Was she just checking to see she witnessed the labeling? The sample didn’t feel too hot, it was body temp and if the temperature was off, don’t they make you take another test right then and there? It is killing me that I took a test on a Friday so I’m still waiting!!!

  40. I’m so fucking scared!! This is my last option. I have taking three different kinda of detox juice to pass and nothing! Everytime I test my pee at home after drinking those nasty detox juices I still fail! I’m taking a drug test tomorrow for my dream job I hope this urine really works!

  41. Used this the first time with a lab test and passed. Although it says don’t use twice I used the same bottle 7 months later for a dipstick drug test and passed it too. Miraculous stuff!!

  42. I left the foil on when microwaved realized it when I was at the urine analysis place so I had to use it…the temp was good..is my sample fucked up?

  43. I’m stressed to the max! I’ve read every review all the way back to 2016…lol
    Please reassure me this is some good stuff…this Job came unexpected and I have to pass this test.
    I will be testing onsite and they send it off.

    1. i just used this xstream yesterday for a piss test. im waiting for the results still but im trying to get people to reply with up to date reviews.

    2. I’ve used xstream quite a few times all sent to a lab and passed every single time so it really does work I promise you this

  44. What if I didn’t shake the synthetic bottle urine before and after heating it? It was last minute deal! I didn’t have time to read the instructions but I did get the temperature right though I just forgot to shake the bottle! Am in trouble?

  45. I took a random Monday. Didn’t have much time to heat the bottle except for the hardware for 10 minutes. I was so nervous I forgot to even look at the temp. They took the sample as if the temp were fine. Will I be OK?

    1. Yes!!! Pinky promise, I’ve used this stuff too many times and it’s sent off to the lab every time.

  46. You know what, I was skeptical about this fake piss shit, but this xstream stuff really worked. I was surprised actually. Only thing I don’t like is how uncomfortable it is to hold on you, the bottle shape is awkward, but this stuff smells like real piss and warms like real piss, and pees like real piss with the special cap, if you had to take a risk, definitely take this one!

  47. Well now im not worried. Just used the stuff today and after reading all the reviews i feel bettwr about it.

  48. @insider I broke the seal and put the top back on at 7am. Used it at 1:30pm. Now it’s on it’s way to a lab. Will it still work by the time the lab does the test on it?

    1. yes, it’s good for a week, it’s just recommended you use within 24 hours because after that time bacteria begins to grow like it does in natural urine.

  49. if i heated it up by the heating pouch and body heat no microwave and did NOT broke the seal but didn’t have to use it is it still good being i never broke the seal

  50. Used this about a week ago and passed a lab test, so it still works. I was paranoid as hell about the temp but if you follow directions you will pass. I am now making $18 an hour because of this stuff

  51. Just wanted to check in with all of you because I know how awesome it was having the latest up to date success stories especially with XStream being less popular than others. I followed the directions to the T and wore double underwear with the bottle in my gooch area, drove with the car seat heaters to the lab. Made an appointment at quest so I was in and out in 10 minutes and when I turned in the sample it looked flat (because didn’t shake) but she took the tempature right away and had me sign everything. Had a nerve wracking weekend waiting for results got them 4 days later. Start new job next week! Hope this helps don’t stress peeps

  52. I’m impressed with this product. I bought it a week ago brother me the deal thinking I would be using it and it sat in my car for a week before I used it. Xstream still foamed like normal and I did past my drug test!

  53. If I took the seal off and put it into a separate container and warmed it up will the original container be effected because I never heated it????? Help

  54. I purchased this from a head shop in Auburn, AL. Took a urine test (not while being watched) at LabCorp for pre-employment and passed.

  55. I had a drug test for an amazing job Tuesday and I knew I had to take a urine test just didnt know it would be at the interview. Heated it up strapped on the pad and put it in my pocket.

    The interviewer really liked me and was basically like hey “lets take the urine test today and just get this over with to get you in”.

    Went in locked the door squirted the whole damn bottle in the cup and squirted a little on the seat.

    20 minutes later came back negative for everything. Couldnt believe it. I got hired on the damn spot. Even though I got this job this product REALLY boosted my confidence and I want to try this for other jobs. There’s no job I feel I cant get now.

    You dudes have a customer for life. I smoke literally everyday using my piss was not an option was nervous as shit squirting it in the bottle becausenit was making a gargling suction noise when the air came back in the bottle.

    I passed though. Insane.

  56. XStream worked for me. I followed the directions and it worked fine. Pro-Tip: place bottle with heater in an insulated coffee mug if you want it to heat up faster or hold temp better. If you are a male, wear tighty-whitey underwear and you do not need to strap the bottle to anything. Just place the bottle between your sac and your thigh and the product will hold temp for at least 10 minutes and it really did not interfere with walking/sitting at all. I passed a 10-panel screen for a job today.

    To avoid the gurgling suction sound, tip the bottle back up before releasing the pressure to allow the air to refill the bottle!

  57. I honestly can not be any happier with this product! Lost my job VERY unexpectedly, followed instructions, and passed with flying colors! It was a 75 degree day so I left the bottle on the dash while wrapping up paperwork with my new employer. I bought a 10 dollar thermometer and found my temp was too high. Brought it down to 104, wrapped the warmer around it and within 25 min of arrival time I was tested. 10 panel with NO fails and temp was perfect! Temp gauge on bottle didn’t seem to ever register but who cares for 10 bucks I monitored it myself and now have a happy ending in what was a shity situation! I’m the third person in my circle of friends (40+ years old) who has used this and had no issues. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  58. So i went for the test followed instructions put it in the microwave got to 100 degrees and then put the heating pad on. Went about 1 1/2 hrs later for the test and it was to hot if i get a second chance to take it how can i avoid this happening again so i can keep my job?

  59. I never leave comments,but I vowed I would if the product worked. And it did. I took my test at labcorp for a job, and it passed. So stick to the instructions on the box and you should pass for sure.

    1. Thank you for commenting and for mentioning Labcorp specifically! Yours was exactly the comment I was anxiously hoping to find 🙂

  60. This product works like a dream! Left a 3oz bottle in my car for like 2.5 months, in the blazing heat in the middle of summer and… I still PASSED! (Lab test)

  61. I m back to say in 2018 I’m 5- 0 with this stuff please people trust this stuff saved my life time and time again I once again THANK GOD FOR THIS SYNTHETIC URINE it’s still helping me keep a job and a roof over my head God bless the maker or makers of this product

  62. I’m have ordered several times..multiple quanities..
    Used them personally and a few I gave to freinds in need ..EVERYTIME…WITH OUT FAIL…IT WORKED PERFECTLY..

  63. Hi guys. I think I’m the first to comment in 2019! I just submitted my sample to Labcorp and will keep you guys updated on the result. FYI- I’m a female and left the bottle under my titty in my bra all day before I did the sample. Perfect temperature! Fingers crossed!!!

  64. Hi! I guess I’m the second person to comment in 2019! 2 days ago, like GirlBoss, I, too, had to submit a sample to Labcorp. A week ago today, I found out that I was accepted for a job, pending a background search and drug screen and had been stressing ever since! So last Sunday, I went to a local shop and got XStream on a recommendation (my choices were limited, and this was the most viable option.) On Wednesday morning, the day of my test, I microwaved the bottle for 10 seconds, and the taped-on thermometer wouldn’t read for awhile (too hot), but eventually did, at which time, I put on the heating pack that came with the XStream, and I put the bottle in-between 2 pair of underwear (I had a baggy pair of jeans on) and watched some TV, walked around a bit, and just kept it there to see how long it would stay warm, made sure it stayed in place, etc. After a couple of hours, I noticed it went down a couple degrees, so I microwaved it for 3 more seconds, and put it back. Finally, 3 hours after I originally started, I drove to the test site (20 minute drive) and did the test. By the time I put the sample in the cup, it registered at somewhere between 96 and 94 degrees (like most have stated, “perfect” temperature is key!) Today, I found out that the job was mine and I start on Monday! I’m grateful to this forum, to the makers of XStream, and to the individuals who recommended it to me!!! Until and unless testing sites catch on, I HIGHLY recommend this product, just as everyone else has in this forum, and whatever you do…do yourself a favor and do NOT go to other sites to read up on XStream, because if you do, you’ll drive yourself nuts (like I did — the comments are not as positive, but I realize, too, that a lot of that is because they’re pushing other products!) I vowed that if I passed my test, I would immediately add a comment of my own to help others like this site helped me! Good luck!!!

  65. Tried this product for the first time and was amazed that I passed!!! I’ve never used synthetic urine before, the guy at the head shop recommended it as it was the least expensive and it does the job. He was sooooo right about that. Plus I was reading the reviews online and started freaking out but then I found this site and read every single review so I gave it a shot. Followed the directions heating it up to the appropriate temp, used warmer, then put in between 2 underwear. I’m a female so I just wore some drawstring pants and a longer tshirt and cardigan to cover the slight bulge. Had to make a quick stop at the store for coffee, then went to Concentra. waited a good hour then once I was called I poured it into the cup….temp good. Results were sent within minutes to employer and I got the green light. Sooooo happy and relieved!!!! I will never do detox products as it’s too much of a gamble plus depending on your weight/height your urine could be diluted. That happened with my last drug test and I was so mad, even though the results were negative dilute. This stuff really works, I’ve told my friends about it. Best product!!!

  66. Well this worked for me, took a test a few weeks ago at a labcorp down the road from my house. Heated the product in microwave, it came out at exactly 96° about 15-20 min later when I actually took the test.

  67. I’ve used these for drug tests at Disney back in January 2017 and for Quest in September 2018! Worked both times! Am about to use it again for another job. Wish me luck!

  68. Yeah, it still works…used it for two jobs and now I have to decide which 6+ figure job I want.

    Really, I never write reviews but it felt good doing this one!

  69. I totally passed the drug screen!!!! They were only waiting for my background check. This method definitely works! Keep the temp together when you go into taking the test and you’re all good to go!!!!

  70. 2021 and still going strong. I have used XSTREAM 3 times now and worked every time! buy this product in confidence and don’t sweat it, get the temp right and you’ll be good to go GUARANTEED!!

  71. I don’t usually leave comments or feedback but the amount of misinformation I came across when researching this product, I felt obliged to tell people that it actually works, just keep the temperature right. Very happy, easy to use, I will definitely buy again.

  72. Anyone looking for recent reviews? Here you go…It works!! This was my first time using this product so you can imagine all the skepticism. Just got my results in from a 5 panel test and all negative! 6 figure salary is waiting for me now. I’m too geeked! Follow the directions and you’ll be golden. Don’t forget the heat pad too.

    After heating up in the microwave for 15 secs, I put the top back on and shook it up. The label take a few minutes to read the temp but be patient. I also used a food thermometer to verify the temp (I’m telling you I was very skeptical) and it was about 105 degrees. I then attached the heat pad which will take about 10 mins to heat up. By the time I arrived and was waiting in the lobby (about 30 mins) the temp was still good.
    *Note: Make sure you secure the top good before traveling to your test location.

    Hope this helps anyone nervous. Good luck everyone!

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